HISTORIC! Trump’s First SOTU. USA! USA! USA! chant breaks out.



West Virginia Senators Capito and Manchin Meet With Trump ...

West Virginia Senators Capito and Manchin Meet With Trump …

Sen. Joe Manchin III of West Virginia is signaling that he is more interested in cozying up to President Trump than he is in catering to the progressive base of the Democratic Party that is demanding all-out resistance to the commander in chief.

Among the most vulnerable Senate Democrats up for re-election next year, Mr. Manchin was the lone Democrat to cross party lines to vote to confirm Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general and to appear with Mr. Trump at a signing ceremony last month for a bill that repealed a rule that advocates said hurt the coal industry.

The 69-year-old stood out again Tuesday when Mr. Trump traveled to Capitol Hill to address a joint session of Congress.

While most Democrats played the traditional role of the out-of-power party pooper, sitting glued to their seats, Mr. Manchin sprang to his feet on several occasions to applaud parts of Mr. Trump’s speech.

At the end, Mr. Manchin raced over to shake hands and congratulate Mr. Trump, while most other Democrats made a beeline for the exits.

Lone Democratic Senator stands to applaud during Trump’s State of the Union speech


This man knows what he supports but sometimes does not have the courage of his convictions. He needs to move one way or the other a double minded man?

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