GQ’s Joe Berkowitz issued a call-to-action on Tuesday for anyone with a Trump-supporting family this Thanksgiving:Bon voyage, Stephen colbert and Voyage on Pinterest

“consider making life hell for a few of your relatives.”

“It’s time to ruin your Trump-supporting family’s Thanksgiving — for America!”

Berkowitz wrote.

“This year, if you’re headed home to a household that still thinks a sex-offending game show host in rapid cognitive decline was the best choice for a president, it is your civic duty to filibuster Thanksgiving,” Berkowitz added.RockyMusic - Rocky Horror Picture Show (Lobby Card #6) image

Berkowitz offered three techniques for how to ruin a Trump-supporter’s Thanksgiving.Ana the Imp: Disagreement is Gay

His first suggestion is for anti-Trumpers to simply disassociate entirely from their pro-Trump families this Thanksgiving.And Then There Were None (1945) - AZ Movies

“For some parents, your absence will speak louder than any sodden arguments over the density of pumpkin pie,” Berkowitz commented. “If you can’t even look them in the eye, they’ll know you mean business.”

For anyone who has the courage to engage in conversation with their pro-Trump family, Berkowitz recommends showing up and being

“kind of an asshole.”

“No hugs; only stiff, formal handshakes. During the football game, talk about police brutality nonstop. Take any opportunity to emphasize just how much Bruce Springsteen and the entire E Street band loathes Trump,” Berkowitz stated.

And finally, for those filled with “righteous fury,” Berkowitz recommends going full-on “scorched earth.”

“Not even a handshake; just stare, disgustedly, at their outstretched arms,”  read more

Alternative thanksgiving dont be an Ass and go home and enjoy yourself.

if you want to really tick off liberals who love misery then join your family and have a happy time there is nothing worse a Miserable liberal hates than people who are having a fun

In case you do have a few trouble makers this year here are a few tips

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1. Make the dinner table a no-politics zone.

If you’re hosting an event and want to set early boundaries about what you expect from your guests, inform them ahead of time that when the group sits down to turkey, all Trump-Hillary talk is off the table.alisei guest house dinner party | antonio, yours truly ...

2. Don’t get in the mud.

Even the best made plans can fall apart, and no matter how well you prepare in advance to avoid conflict and keep people from talking politics, sometimes it cannot be avoided. It only takes one person to spark a debate, but family members have the power not to participate, no matter how tempting it may be.

“You can decide that when you respond, if you respond, you’re going to keep your tone neutral,” Dinner Guests - Funny TV Commercial with Dan Jape - YouTube

3. Take a break.

Take a walk, freshen your drink, or go sit with that one great-uncle who is still glued to the football game when everyone else is in the dining room. No one needs to feel trapped at their dinner table.

“We have to know that we do have options,” said Gottsman.

4. Be proactive: Ask questions (about other topics).

“There are other things to talk about besides politics,”

wesay . “I think that’s something important that we have to remember.” thats a hard one?

5. Try something different.

play a game all the family can get into like scrabble monopoly or some new game that you bought .

If all else fails, just play by Gottsman’s simple rule of thumb.

A Home for Elegance: My Dream Dinner Guest List

“Here’s the rule: When you’re a guest at someone’s home or someone’s event, your job as a guest is to make your host grateful they invited you.”

“If you are the host of the event, your job is to make all your guests comfortable.”


5 Pro Tips For Not Ruining Thanksgiving Dinner With ...