Las Vegas Witnesses Claim There Was More Than One Gunman some shooters were on the ground Firing Off Into The Concert Crowd


There’s overwhelming evidence there were multiple shooters at the Las Vegas massacre – and Special Forces veterans who spoke to Infowars said the gunshot acoustics indicate Stephen Paddock didn’t act alone.

Numerous witnesses reported gunfire from multiple locations – and the acoustics indicate several, overlapping firearms according to veterans of Delta Force, Navy SEALs, Green Berets and other military outfits that Infowars spoke to who have first-hand experience in firefights with automatic weapons.


Several people who attended the concert claim that there was a shooter in the crowd police took an hour to subdue shooter they say in hotel. This does not make sense unless there were multiple shooters all over the place.

This video has emerged from a camera recording with sound at the event Now tell me that is NOT a Muzzle Flash? You can hear the shot as well. Many people reported that they say victims with head shots on victims entering from below the jawline this from a guy shooting at height . Is this video the reason why.

this is the video on live leak in case the utube video is taken down Video

Live leak video


slightly longer video of man shooting into the crowd you can hear the far off shots and the shots closer to the crowd as well. This would explain why the police took so long to stop the shooters because the guy on the ground was hard or impossible to find as the witnesses said. The witness mentions the shooter on the ground or ground person at 2.50 minutes.


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