Berkeley Mayor Outed as Member of Violent  Terror Group ANTIFA

This is the beginning of the end for the Berkeley mayor and his antifa minions.

Everyone is starting to distance themselves from the communist group including the Dems now and there’s a hidden reason why. There are a lot of lawsuits on the way to the mayor of Berkeley and the chief of police. LOCK EM UP!

Berkeley Mayor, Jesse Arreguin, has been outed as a member of the violent Democrat terror group Antifa.

The radical mayor belongs to a chapter called BAMN, an acronym that stands for, “By Any Means Necessary.” which is lead by yvette felarca a woman who has said she wants RIOTS AND DESTRUCTION ACROSS AMERICA  

Meaning: beatings, arson, vandalism, etc.

This is the group responsible for the beat downs, terror, fires, and property destruction in Berkeley during the Milo Yiannopoulous event.Antifa protester Yvette Felarca: Violence against Far ...

video Police stand down while Journalists protesters including old men and children are beaten up by thugs Antifa and BAMN the Berkeley Mayor is colluding with anarchists and communist thugs who are funded by Nazi George Soro’s.

the man who is in charge of keeping citizens safe in Berkeley is the same man who condoned (and possibly coordinated) the beatings of Trump supporters in his city.  Did he also order his police to “stand down” and not help the victims? looks like he did who else would?

From Daily Caller

Jesse Arreguin, mayor of Berkeley, California, has been revealed to be involved with a violent, far-left group known as “BAMN,” meaning “By Any Means Necessary.”

Indeed, Arreguin’s Facebook page shows him belonging to BAMN, according to The Gateway Pundit.

The group formally describes itself on Facebook as “The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration & Immigrant Rights, and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary (BAMN).”

BAMN is not just any “liberal” or “leftist” group. It is a group whose members have engaged in violence, and is affiliated with the violent antifascist, or Antifa, movement. The mayor needs to be arrested along with the police chief.


Antifa protester Yvette Felarca: Violence against Far ...

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