MARXIST DEMOCRAT film-maker Michael Moore made the explosive claim Tuesday night that Americans who voted for President Trump are complicit in his “racism” in the same way that a person who is an accomplice of rape could be considered a rapist.

Speaking to anti Trump CNN host Don Lemon, Marxist Mr. Moore claimed that Mr. Trump is undoubtedly a racist and so are the “vast majority” of his supporters. Amazingly Mr Moore thinks  his opinion which he can change at the top of a hat is actually a fact.

Mr Moore who many believe is transitioning into a woman perhaps he feels vulnerable around white Men in case they rape him. fortunately Mr Moore there is not much chance of that unless you are incarcerated in a jail full of hardened criminals who haven’t had a woman in years.

Marxist Mr Moore went on “If you hold down the woman while the rapist is raping her, and you didn’t rape her, are you a rapist?” the filmmaker asked. “I mean let’s just, really, let’s cut the BS and start speaking honestly.”

Anti Trump political propagandist Mr. Lemon responded, “That’s a very powerful and uncomfortable anecdote that you share, and people will think that you’re comparing Trump voters to racists, I mean, to rapists.”

“Yeah, it’s uncomfortable isn’t it?” Mr. Moore asked.

Yes Mr Moore it is also a  ridiculous statement

Marxist Moore went on

“Because enablers of immoral behavior, criminal behavior — it is absolutely criminal to stand behind the people that killed Heather Heyer, that beat the heads in of people who were trying to speak their minds in Charlottesville,” Mr. Moore continued, referring to the 32-year-old paralegal who was killed Saturday in a car-ramming attack during violent clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“If you put Donald Trump in office, you need to think about this before you kneel down and say your prayers tonight,” he said.

Mr. Moore said Mr. Trump’s supporters can redeem themselves by rejecting him moving forward. Mr. Lemon cautioned his guest that he would probably receive a considerable amount of backlash for the rape comments.

“I hope I do,” Mr. Moore responded. “I’ve had it, Don.Michael Moore Hatches Plan for “Trans Troops” to REVOLT Against ...

“If you still support the racist, you are the racist,” he said. “That has to end. I’m not sorry, I’m not letting anybody off the hook here.”

“You are culpable, white America,”(statistically white Americans are less likely to commit violent crimes or be racist )but that didnt stop Marxist Mr Moore  targeting them in what is a racist rant.


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