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The Justice Dept. has reopened the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information on her private email system while she was secretary of state:

If Hillary is indicted for this crime then she will no doubt if faced with a long prison sentence turn on anyone she can to avoid  serving time.  This most definitely includes ex President Obama.  The Question is will she be killed in an attempt to stop the investigation and if she is killed will that stop Obama being indited on the same charges.

The criminal investigation will have to  expand well beyond violating State Department regulations to include questions about espionage, perjury and influence peddling.

It is a Federal Crime to negligently handle classified information under United States Code (USC) 18 section 1924. It is a Federal Class A Felony under USC 18 section 798. Hillary certified under oath to a federal judge that she had handed over to the state department all of her emails, which she clearly did not. In spite of her repeated statements to the effect that everything that she did with her home brewed email server as Secretary of State was above-board and approved by the State Department, the Inspector General Report vehemently refutes this claim. Last year Hillary refused to be interview by the Inspector General’s office in their investigation, She claimed that her then upcoming FBI interview took precedent but it seems more likely that Hillary was more concerned about committing perjury or admitting to anything that can be used against her in a court of law

.Faggers - Clinton STILL lost the Electorial Vote | F169BBSSome of the documents were so highly classified the the investigators on the case weren’t even able to examine the material themselves until they got their own clearances raised to the highest levels.

Last year  July 2016, the deep state Clinton-Obama run FBI recommended that no charges be brought against Clinton in connection with her use of a private e-mail server. The Election was not just about Her wanting to be president but to stop any and all investigations with her Obama holdovers running everything pertaining to the investigation.

Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton: “You’d be in jail”

That all changed when Donald Trump Won the Presidency Hillary was distraught and was allegedly in floods of tears she was so upset knowing that

Trump in the end always goes after his enemies when its pertinent to do so.  That time is now.

Hillary as much as she is despised is a fighter and will fight this to the bitter conclusion.

No Plea accepted, Hillary Must serve her full sentence


BREAKING: Hillary To Be Offered Plea Deal By Sessions | IN-FOWARS Special Report