At over 3 billion years old, Chlorella is one of the oldest known living foods on the planet, and yet, ironically, it is in many ways the perfect superfood for the modern world we live in. Once you understand the full spectrum of Chlorella’s extraordinary health benefits and the many ways that it helps to strengthen, rejuvenate and protect the body against the stresses of daily life in the 21st century, you’ll never want to live another day without this miraculous green algae.

Our bodies face unique challenges that we have never experienced before in human history, such as depleted soils, and hence the foods grown in them that are equally depleted of vitamins and minerals; toxic chemicals that are present in nearly everything—from what we eat to our water, clothing, homes and beyond; extraordinary levels of subtle stress from electromagnetic smog, computer screens, cell phones; and living in cramped, nature-deficient cities, among many other things. It can be downright disheartening when considered as a whole; but don’t worry because Chlorella is here to save the day, and as you will clearly see, it does a damn fine job of it to boot. As always, nature offers us a solution to the challenges we face in the form of plants and superfoods like Chlorella that are perfectly tailored to our modern lifestyles.
The Little Green Algae With Big BenefitsThe Incredible Benefits of Chlorella: Nature’s Healthiest Food

First discovered in 1890 with the advent of the microscope, Chlorella (scientific name: chlorella vulgaris) is a single-cell green microalgae, which makes it hard to see with the naked eye unless you have collected huge quantities of it, which, thankfully, the countless Chlorella algae farms around the world do to bring this incredible superfood to the masses. Chlorella gets its unusual name from its rich dark green color, which is due to its extraordinarily high chlorophyll content—one of the highest out of any food or plant on the planet to be exact. And it is this high chlorophyll content that is in part responsible for some of Chlorella’s health benefits; however, as you will quickly see, that’s really just the tip of the iceberg for what this little green algae can do.

The Health Benefits of Chlorella

Chlorella is often called the ‘‘king of superfoods’’ and is, in fact, so spectacular that NASA has done in-depth studies to assess it as a potential food to be fed to astronauts and grown in space during long interplanetary missions due to Chlorella’s high nutrient density and extraordinary medicinal properties. So just what exactly makes Chlorella algae powder so great for the body, mind and spirit? Let’s find out… more details