Donald Trump, Jr admitted he was on the trail of "damaging information" on Democrat Hillary Clinton when he met the Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya in June 2016

Was Donald Trump Junior set up by the same people who were behind the fake Russian Piss-gate dossier on Donald Trump. ... ex-MI6 Trump dossier a "Garbage document."

The secretive Washington firm that commissioned the dubious intelligence dossier on Donald Trump and who stonewalled congressional investigators trying to learn more about its connections to the Democratic Party.The dossier was created by never trump people | Sports, Hip Hop & Piff ...

They are called Fusion GPS a Firm who describes itself as a “research and strategic intelligence firm” founded by “three former Wall Street Journal investigative reporters.” But congressional sources say it’s actually an opposition-research group for Democrats, and the founders, who are more political activists than journalists, have a pro-Hillary Clinton, anti-Trump agenda.New Episode Reaction: Spy for a Spy | Let's Try This 'Blog' Thing ...

“These weren’t mercenaries or hired guns,” a congressional source familiar with the dossier probe said. “These guys had a vested personal and ideological interest in smearing Trump and boosting Hillary’s chances of winning the White House.”


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Fusion GPS was on the payroll of an unidentified Democratic ally of Clinton when it hired a long-retired British spy to dig up dirt on Trump. In 2012, Democrats hired Fusion GPS to uncover dirt on GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. And in 2015, Democratic ally Planned Parenthood retained Fusion GPS to investigate pro-life activists protesting the abortion group.Trump dossier: Russia 'has compromising material' on president-elect ...

Moreover, federal records show a key co-founder and partner in the firm was a Hillary Clinton donor and supporter of her presidential campaign.

In September 2016, while Fusion GPS was quietly shopping the dirty dossier on Trump around Washington, its co-founder and partner Peter R. Fritsch contributed at least $1,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund and the Hillary For America campaign, Federal Election Commission data show. His wife also donated money to Hillary’s campaign.

Property records show that in June 2016, as Clinton allies bankrolled Fusion GPS, Fritsch bought a six-bedroom, five-bathroom home in Bethesda, Md., for $2.3 million.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is also investigated whether the FBI has wrongly relied on the anti-Trump dossier and its author, Christopher Steele — the old spy who was hired by Fusion GPS to build a Russia file on Trump — to aid its ongoing espionage investigation into the Trump campaign and its possible ties to Moscow.


The FBI (headed by James Comey) received a copy of the Democrat-funded dossier in August, during the heat of the campaign, and is said to have contracted in October to pay Steele $50,000 to help corroborate the dirt on Trump — a relationship that “raises substantial questions about the independence” of the bureau in investigating Trump, warned Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa).

Everything turned out to be in this case Complete garbage uncorroborated and completely Fake. but that hasnt stopped the anti-Trump media from doubling down when they get the chance.

The FBI, moreover, ridiculously has been using it to investigative leads on Trump associates like Carter Page, even though former FBI Director James Comey this month described the dossier as “salacious and unverified.”

Fusion is it seems used to do nothing more than smear opponents using dirty Tricks and even fake  and phony  reports. Unfortunately this time its not working.

The latest Victim may be Donald Trump junior in a story which is a complete waste of time and another Nothing Burger the Media is going crazy over.  It is alleged that Fusion may have been behind this new Fake scandal.

reporting by Circa News said that members of the President’s legal team have confirmed that the acquaintance “who sought the meeting is associated with Fusion GPS.”

Fusion GPS has an institutional reputation for doing shoddy and underhanded political work, and nearly all of it has been at the behest of Democrats looking to attack Republicans.

Trump Jr. released emails earlier  between him and Rob Goldstone, a British publicist.

Goldstone told Trump Jr. in June 2016 that he could get him “official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia and would be very useful to your father.”

It Turned out there was no information and a meeting which took place between Trump Junior and the person who allegedly had the dirt on Hillary and was a complete waste of time.


Desperate liberals are cling to the Trump-Russian narrative

The Washington Examiner ran the headline “Why did Donald Trump Jr. dox himself?” after the president’s son released a chain of emails Tuesday, providing details about his meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.

One of the emails specifically stated Veselnitskaya was a “Russian government attorney who is flying over from Moscow.”

However, in an interview with NBC she said, “I never had any damaging or sensitive information about Hillary Clinton. It was never my intention to have that,” and denied any connection with the Kremlin.

Veselnitskaya, speaking to NBC News prior to Trump Jr. releasing the emails, flatly denied any connection to the Russian government. Kremlin officials said on Monday that they were unfamiliar with the lawyer.

the group has been behind other stories where they were not disclosed as a source. Fusion GPS is predominantly associated with Democratic causes,were they behind this meeting being set up between Trump Junior and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.

President Trump has repeatedly decried allegations of collusion as “fake news” and equivocated about whether Russia tried to interfere in the election

The president’s legal team said Saturday they believe the entire meeting may have been part of a larger election-year opposition effort aimed at creating the appearance of improper connections between Trump family members and Russia

Former White House Press Secretary and current Fox News contributor Ari Fleischer explains how the meeting was simply a case of bad judgement, not a criminal issue. Was Fusion the democrat Parties dirty Tricks department responsible for this meeting.