G20 protesters set street fires, loot stores

Hamburg, Germany  Soros funded Protesters at the G20 summit in Germany set a series of bonfires in the streets, looted shops, and stacked up blocks of pavement to use as projectiles as tension between demonstrators and police ratcheted up Friday night.

At first police stayed back while the protesters took a hit-and-run approach, groups of them running up the road, throwing rocks and bottles, and quickly retreating.
But about 30 minutes before midnight, police moved forward, firing teargas, water cannons and setting off flash-bang grenades.
Protesters hurled bottles of looted champagne into the fires, Hamburg police said, causing popping noises that sounded like fireworks. At one store, residents of the area tried to stop people from stealing from the shop windows.
From where a witness was positioned, the mass of protesters appeared to stretch for at least 1 mile. Reporters saw people who were injured but police tweeted there were no totals available for how many people were hurt.
It was a much more aggressive atmosphere than earlier when police sought to prevent small groups of mostly anti-capitalist protesters Friday from disrupting the summit world leaders including President Donald Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin met for talks.Special forces clear anti-G20 protests in Hamburg-733896
Police said 197 officers have been injured since Thursday and reinforcements from outside Hamburg have been requested. At least 83 people were arrested and 17 have been detained since the protests began, police said on Twitter.
Earlier, officers dressed in riot gear intervened as protesters tried to enter the red zone — a blocked-off area close to the summit venue — while other small groups staged sit-ins across the city.
Members of the SOROS  “Color the Red Zone” protest said they were trying to make it difficult for G20 participants to travel to the talks.
“We are living in a democracy, and the red zone is not a democracy,” said Karl S, a student protester from Dusseldorf who declined to give  his full name.
“I’m sure we can’t stop all these leaders from meeting, but if we can stop them from getting their food or catering shortly, we’ve achieved something.”

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