1. Alan Gaya
    Alan Gaya

    The real tragedy is that a whole load of ignorant people, believe every socio political lie. That is fed to them via complicit media

  2. Grumpy Granny
    Grumpy Granny

    “Faith & Charity’???? What a lie. How on earth can any rational American praise the most evil “religion” in the world? Its adherents are brainwashed into hating everyone and everything that is non-Muslim while lying through their teeth (takiyya) to non-Muslims. Their murderous track record exceeds Hitler’s, Stalin’s and Mao’s. They are nothing but psychopathic butchers, hell-bent on the total destruction of civilization. If I ran the zoo each and every one of them would be immediately expelled from the USA and every mosque leveled. Shocked? They do the same to non-Muslims and folks ignore it at their peril. Look at all the Christians who have been murdered and the precious historical sites (older than Islam) razed since the state of Israel was established.

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