... Talking To Plants pictures, Talking To Plants image, Talking To PlantsPrince Charles blames climate change for ISISPrince Charles blames climate change for ISIS

LONDON — Prince Charles says climate change is partly responsible for Syria’s civil war and the chaos it has unleashed.Prince Charles Slams Public For Criticising Islamic Terror - Your News ...

The heir to the British throne says climate change is causing drought, conflict over resources and mass migrations.

He told Sky News that “one of the major reasons for this horror in Syria” is a years-long drought which meant that “huge numbers of people” had to leave. He said climate change had a “huge impact” on conflict and extremism.... Heresy Exposed: Winged Prince is Proclaimed “Savior of the World

Syria’s four-year civil war has killed 250,000 people, displaced millions and helped the Islamic State group gain territory.King Anti-Christ: Prince Charles (King George) The Anti-Christ?

Charles’ interview, broadcast on Monday, was recorded before the Paris attacks on Nov. 13, claimed by IS, that killed 130 people.

Charles is due to address a global climate conference in Paris next week. here’s a brief synopsis for those who dont know(charles is fully aware of all this he has money riding on it.

Now you probably think Charles comment is insane but he is just pushing his own agenda lets be honest its not working. People are not that stupid.region known for its oil more so than its gas

We know the Syrian civil war is about the geopolitical struggle between Russia and the West which is why we also have a conflict in the Ukraine. Russia controls the flow of oil and gas into Europe through Ukraine which makes it very rich and powerful.Is ‘IS’ a CIA-Mossad Creation? | American Free Press

Israel quite a few years back  discovered a huge oil field in the med of its  coast. Holy Israel partnered with its disgusting Arab neighbors-Saudi-qua tar and Turkey to build a pipe line into Europe through Syria.Energy Issues in the Ukrainian Crisis | GeoCurrents

in 2010 they tried to start a war which was unsuccessful so instead they decided to wage war by proxy using terrorists groups which suddenly appeared like a plague of locusts( American and Brit trained)Pipeline - Motive Intl Interest in Syrian War

The war against in Syria began the hope was to also wipe out as many Christians in the area as possible because western governments are run by they are luciferian scum. The Moslem leaders also wanted Christians dead. ... Israel’s oil pipeline route from Kirkuk, Turkey to Israel? | Islamic

So money blood and power was what is was all about. Except Charles says otherwise. This is the man who wants to be king of England a disgusting turd who allegedly had his own wife Diana killed after he asked his disgusting mother the head of the Windsor mafioso for permission.

President Duterte: ‘British Royal Family Are Serial Killers’


last year Charles showed his love for Islam and hatred for western values


Prince Charles Slams Public For Criticizing Islamic Terror

Inlaws or outlaws? World wide banner headline Monday, October 20, 2003: Princess Diana's Assassin's Confession: "I Was Hired To Kill Diana ...

Prince Charles has slammed the public for criticizing the rise in terrorist attacks across Europe and the West on radicalized Islamists.


The Prince of Wales spoke out on BBC Radio 4, urging listeners to see similarities in the rise in extremists entering the West illegally to the plight of the prophet Muhammad, who he says migrated from Mecca to Medina in order to “seek freedom for himself.”

Jihadwatch.org reports:

Charles is not in same but a very evil wicked man.