NWO   illumnist insect and Hamas agent Linda Sarsour who wants sharia law for America  is supported by feminists worldwide for her part in the SOROS-Islamic sponsored women’s Marches.

Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian Muslim woman and the new leader of the Democrat feminist movement, and organizer of the Women’s March is scheduled to speak at an event in April with a Palestinian woman who was convicted of terrorism in a 1969 bombing in Israel.


... and Women’s March Leader Linda Sarsour Arrested – TruthFeed

These  Marches were  really just anti-trump anti western backed political theater with no real spirit behind them. Linda Sarsour if Hillary was elected would have been a major player in todays America Instead she is irrelevant.

BREAKING : Women’s March Organizer Linda Sarsour to Speak at Event ...

To make herself more relevant she took part in the Day without women March. She was also Arrested at Trump tower

Sarsour was arrested today for disorderly conduct, (you know on the “Day without a Woman” protest) when she refused to obey police. The group was asked to disperse, they refused, so off to jail went 13 of them. Sarsour and about 1000 people went trolling Trump Tower in NYC and attempted to form a “human wall” around it.

Muslim Activist Linda Sarsour Arrested at Trump Tower - Uncle Sam's ...

Is it a real arrest or was it just more political theater.

In this picture in the back of a police truck someone is able while handcuffed to take a picture of the poor little Women at the March. of course it doesnt fool anyone.

We all know that publicity of this kind is priceless but it wont be for this woman. because all it will do is highlight the fact she has ties to real terrorists the same ones President Trump wants to keep out of America.

What she should be arrested for is being an enemy of America who belongs to terrorist organisations which want to destabilize and destroy the USA.

My message to this insect this annoying fly Linda Sarsour is , you lost and your going to loose even bigger. Trump knows everything about you. The CIA have every single one of your phone calls texts emails everything.

In 6 months the struggle between the old order. and the New Free America will be won and not only will you be arrested charged and incarcerated, but will also be deported if your still alive after your minimum 30-40 year incarceration.

The real arrests are forthcoming it will start of small and end up with the big fish being reeled in.  The clock is ticking. So we say to you Linda sharia female genital mutilation is ok Sarsour. Get out of dodge before its to late the President his DOJ and the patriots are coming after scum like you.

In the video Below Owen Schroeder’s  breaks  down what he thinks is happening and the strangeness of it all