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Incredible astonishing turn around for four drought crippled regions around the globe

In just a couple of weeks four areas of the globe crippled by drought during the last few years have had more than enough water more or less over night to replenish empty reservoirs and put water stocks back into the plus column.

A couple of weeks ago we saw several torrential downpours in California to rid the State of five years miserable drought and replenish reservoirs to overflowing capacity and giving California the highest amount of captured water since 1995, indeed some dams had difficulty containing the water.

Then maybe much more important, just last week: In Zimbabwe where millions have been affected by a crippling drought in the last couple of years brought on by the super El-Niño event, an absolutely astonishing shift has taken place from a drought condition to an excessively wet situation” and there have been heavy (rain) falls that have surpassed all previous years. The situation was exacerbated by Tropical Cyclone Dineo in mid-February.

The government of Zimbabwe has appealed to international donors to help those affected by floods in the country during the 2016 to 2017 rainy season.

246 people have died, 128 people injured and approximately 1,985 made homeless by flooding in the country since October 2016.

The country’s Civil Protection agency reported a few days ago that another 859 people remained displaced after flooding in Tsholotsho District in Matabeleland North, where the Gwayi River and its tributaries burst their banks in the latest deluge.

And just yesterday we heard:  Another weather bomb to relieve a crippling drought: Incredible amount of rain bringing sub-tropical drenching with heavy downpours to New Zealand.

Another weather bomb to relieve a crippling drought in less than a week in parts of New Zealand

Comes after rain has relieved crippling droughts in Zimbabwe and California recently

The Bay of Plenty is being warned to brace for a sub-tropical drenching with heavy downpours so intense the crippling drought affecting parts of the North Island may be finally be broken.

Heavy rain is expected to hit the country tomorrow and last for up to a week. full story

We know a lot of thee droughts are induced by the illuminate using the different weather control devices world wide. Something has changed the agenda and the water is coming back only its to much to soon. Were the powers at B(belzebub) ordered to stop their activity and the water that was held back is roaring onto the land.

Something Unbelievable is Happening Worldwide! February 2017