A Utah baby might be the coolest baby ever, and he or she hasn’t even been born yet. Either that or its a sure sign the the devil is in deep.

ABC reports Makelle Ahlin of Santaquin was 22 weeks pregnant when she visited the hospital for a routine scan.

she said “While seeing your unborn baby is a treat in itself, seeing them throw up the rock on gesture makes the experience even sweeter.”

Do the couple know its actually the sign of a satanic curse.

“Well, it’s a official. Our kids are the coolest even before they enter the world. Or they are just really full of themselves, but I already knew that was going to happen. Just look at their dad,” Ahlin wrote on her Facebook page with a photo of the ultrasound.

As the baby was moving around in Ahlin’s stomach, you see the baby’s hand come up and flash the rock on sign.

Despite claims that the image was Photoshopped, Ahlin’s ultrasound technician posted on Facebook to back up the authenticity of the image.

“Cutest couple, and the baby was so fun to scan,” Joni Leamaster Miller wrote.

Lets hope its an aberration.

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