Torz is a professional body piercer and modification artist (Photo: Facebook)

Torz Reynolds says she removed her finger with bolt cutters and is considering releasing video footage of the shocking home surgeryBolt Cutters - MCC Professional Tools

The picture above is what she claimed to have used to mutilate herself. Not only was it an insane act but she chose an instrument which would cause her terrible pain and would not do the job cleanly.

We ask looking at this insanity is Body mutilation is the new form of Virtue signalling among mentally ill Nihilists: Or For Christians is it a sign of demonic possession.

Am I being cruel or should we be cruel to people like this before something like this takes off as a fad because we know people in General are followers not leaders.

People who are mentally disturbed and damaged may try and emulate this persons insane act.

here are a few comments from people on her facebook page.

Mia Tangredi
Mia Tangredi I personally am really excited for you to share your video and I hope you do it soon 💚👿 I am also a big gore fan and I can’t wait 👀👀👀😘

Savannah Loiselle
Savannah Loiselle I totally think you should post the video, I think it’d be really interesting to see!
I also want to say I think it’s amazing that you cut your finger off. I’ve always thought society had a distorted view on our freedom with out body. How people look dSee more

Tneesha Patterson
Tneesha Patterson I want to see the video,

Is Torez  lying?  Was it an accident? either way why would you brag about it online.  It does seem very real and very very disturbing. Hopefully this does not end up being a trend .

is it a new form of virtue signalling or  just a way to get attention for someone who is in this case mentally ill and needs help.

inner demons on Tumblr

The attractive poor lady is already covered in disgusting tattoos piercings in very private places to make herself look ugly.

Its obvious to anyone reading her story she is compensating for a low self esteem.

Confidence comes from inside. It is something we carry on a personal level deep inside.

This poor lady suffers from SHS which stands for Self Hate Syndrome and BID which stands for Body Image Disorder. BID is a form of SHS.hate yourself on Tumblr

Self Hate Syndrome is a psychological disorder where you simply hate yourself. It could be in the form of believing your soul is tarnished, hating the way your voice sounds or the way you dance, ultimately seeing yourself as a person as if they were someone else that you could beat up or be happy if you never saw again. It can be due to appearance, actions or bullying of some sort.

Body Image Disorder is a psychological disorder where you can have an illogically negative view of the way you look. In a slight case, you could see a small zit as massive. In an extreme case, you could see a hideous monster in the mirror when in reality a pretty face is looking back.hate myself quotes - Google Search | Really good Quotes | Pinterest

With the bandwagon effect of Emo, self harm has become a common issue. Contrary to some beliefs, it mostly isn’t for attention.

It can be because of personal problems, the only thing left that you can control.

It can be because of SHS, the only way you can punish the despicable person that you are.

Only those jumping on the Emo Self Harm bandwagon do it for attention and show off the scars, and lack of self esteem causes this lack of faith of being your real self. Self-harm is a serious problem, be it cutting, hitting yourself or malicious starvation (often misdiagnosed as anorexia).

Lack of self-esteem is a very common form of SHS. Not quite hate, not believing in yourself as a valid person causes the same effects and mental problems (yes, mental problems. ) as other forms of SHS. Severe lack of self esteem shows itself either in extreme introverted or extroverted personality.Metta Phrases for Dealing with Self-Hatred and Self-judgment

Demon possession look at the tattoo on the hand she mutilated, tattoo addiction in my opinion may be a sign of sever demonic possession.

Who Is More Likely to Engage in Self-Injury?

Self-injury occurs across the spectrum; the behavior is not limited by education, age, race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or religion. However, self-injury occurs more often among:

  • Adolescent females
  • People who have a history of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse
  • People who have co-existing problems of substance abuse, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or eating disorders
  • Individuals who were often raised in families that discouraged expression of anger
  • Individuals who lack skills to express their emotions and lack a good social support network

fight myself | Tumblr

What Leads to Self-Injury?

Self-injury usually occurs when people face what seem like overwhelming or distressing feelings. It can also be an act of rebellion and/or rejection of parents’ values and a way of individualizing oneself. Sufferers may feel that self-injury is a way of:

  • Temporarily relieving intense feelings, pressure, or anxiety.
  • Being a means to control and manage pain – unlike the pain experienced through physical or sexual abuse or trauma.
  • Providing a way to break through emotional numbness (the self-anesthesia that allows someone to cut without feeling pain).
  • Asking for help in an indirect way or drawing attention to the need for help.
  • Attempting to affect others by manipulating them, trying to make them care, trying to make them feel guilty, or trying to make them go away.

Self-injury also may be a reflection of a person’s self-hatred. Some self-injurers are punishing themselves for having strong feelings that they were usually not allowed to express as children. They also may be punishing themselves for somehow being bad and undeserving. These feelings are an outgrowth of abuse and a belief that the abuse was deserved.

Although self-inflicted injury may result in life-threatening damage, it is not considered to be suicidal behavior.

Mz Torez claims to have amputated her little finger with BOLT CUTTERS and bragged about it on Facebook, saying: “It looks cute.”

Gruesome photos from Torz Reynolds’ social media page appear to show the devastating effects of the brutal home surgery.

The images have not been independently verified, but she insists they are genuine.

Torz, who previously appeared on a Channel 5 show about extreme body modifiers , wrote: “I do these things for myself. It’s not hurting ANYBODY else.

“I chose to document them on Facebook because I want to share the experience with my friends.”

She also made headlines in 2014 when she got revenge on a ‘cheating’ ex-boyfriend by reportedly removing a tattoo of his name with a scalpel and sending the severed skin to him by post.

She describes herself online as “one of life’s twisted freaks”.

She says she removed the finger with bolt cutters (Photo: Facebook)

Announcing the loss of her little finger, she wrote on February 15: “Sorry guys… I just couldn’t bring myself to do it,” before adding: “Just kidding!!!”

here is the lady’s facebook page

The professional body piercer and modification artist, from London, later wrote: “Healing up nicely! I do have video footage of the actual event but dunno if I want to share it as yet… Not sure I wanna hear that crunch again!”

When asked by one Facebook friend why she had gone through with it, she replied: “It looks cute!”

Isnt it amazing that facebook will ban conservatives just for having a political point of view yet allow this when it could serve to cause others to also self harm in this extreme way.