President Trump after a Balmy 18 months of many Media battles has finally won the war. Yes there will still be Media skirmishes but after his address to congress the American people get it and for a few minutes so did the lame-stream media.

Viewers strongly approve of Trump’s speech to Congress

Viewers nationwide strongly approved of President Trump’s speech Tuesday night, with many Democrats joining Republicans in calling it “presidential” and positive in tone. Republicans and Independents found it “unifying,” though Democrats were slower to come around on that measure.

The President gained support for his policy plans among viewers: Interviewed before and after the address, they came away from it more positive on his ideas for the economy, immigration, terrorism, crime and Obamacare.

As is often the case in addresses to Congress, those who watched were more likely to be from the president’s party – in this case, Republicans. And they described a president they felt was keeping campaign promises and offering an “inspiring” message.

While half of Democrats found the speech “divisive,” about one-third of them also said Mr. Trump was “specific” and “knowledgeable”; neither label drew a majority, but nonetheless sizeable numbers compared to the more negative reactions Democrats have had to other aspects of his presidency.

And viewers of all stripes described the speech as at least somewhat positive in tone.

Overall, most watchers approved of the speech. Republicans did tune in to watch it in much greater numbers than Democrats (as a president’s party typically does) which bolstered those approval numbers. Forty percent of Democrats at least somewhat approved; 18 percent strongly approved.

... rubrik: Viewers strongly approve of Trump’s speech to Congress

Yes afterwards they unscrambled their thoughts and CNN dragged out Trump hating Don Lemon and the Vile hypocrite and Trump hater Micheal Moore.

But there is no  substance to their attacks because the speech was so good everyone called it Presidential.  The attacks were of a personal nature and show the desperation to make him look bad when there is nothing bad about what happened.speech-feels-poll.jpg

There is agreement across party lines that Mr. Trump is trying to do what he said he’d do during the campaign. Mr Trump is winning and perhaps has won the War with the media. They will continually attack him but as has been happening all along it just makes Trumps polls numbers grow. People are becoming numb with all the negative press.

Every time Trump utters the words fake news CNN and the MSM  die a little more. These polls show that Trump was correct when he said the American people  Trust him as president more than they do the Media who hate him.

Trump previously said he gave himself an A plus for effort but a C for communication. Well here we are with an A plus for communication well done President Trump.

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