Recognizing the evil intent of the world leaders, there should be no doubt that there is a powerful hidden source that controls world events, economy, the media, and agenda of the world governments. They control the world through key organizations and trade agreements agreed upon by bought and paid politicians.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) was created January 1, 1995, and it has been a source of controversy ever since. The birth of the WTO was more of a continuation than a truly new creation. Its predecessor, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), shared its lineage with Bretton Woods-inspired bodies like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. The idea behind these organizations is that impartial politicians could create a more efficient global economy than the chaotic interaction of free market forces. (The WTO sets the global rules of trade, but what exactly does it do and why do so many oppose it?
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Trump administration in shift against free trade signals desires to opt out of conflict resolution mechanisms of World Trade Organisation.

A quarter century after the Cold War ended the US may finally be taking its first tentative steps back towards a trade and economic system which is more traditional to it.

In the sweep of US history that could well turn out to be the Trump administration’s main purpose, which would explain why it was elected.

To the horror of Globalists  socialists and communists or internationalists everywhere Donald Trump’s trade policies is real and it hugely matters but because international trade appears complicated the media  barely touches the subject this is because the system is so corrupt and causes so much unbalance and unfair trade deals to the west as well  as crippling many third world economies not in the loop like China.Behind Bilderberg, Trilateral: the Globalists have a major problem

For the globalist dominated media It is better to not report on it if possible to the masses. Globalists are furious at what is now transpiring and if they can not get rid of Trump either through assassination-disruption through protests or political means(impeachment) they will be dragged kicking and screaming to the exit doors one by one of what they have come to regard as sacred institutions of Satanic Power.The "all seeing eye" symbol of the Illuminati is on the US dollar note ...

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) leaked documents reveal that there are sinister agendas behind the trade agreement. Below are some excerpts from a few different websites about the TTIP. These excerpts reveal a small percentage of what the psychopathic Globalists want to do to humanity.

These Globalist trade deals are, indeed, exercises in eliminating nations and turning over the economy of the world to mega-corporations.

For example, as The Independent reported (“What is TTIP? And six reasons why the answer should scare you,” 10/6/2015), the TTIP embodies Investor-State Dispute Settlements (ISDS), whereby corporations can sue governments when their profits are endangered.

For instance, Monsanto could sue the EU for refusing to accept the import of GMO food crops, thereby enabling a Monsanto end-run around Europe’s tight restrictions on GMOs.

Though  the media’s lack of interest in the subject is not shared by millions of people who voted for Trump or people around the world in poorer countries for whom it is an issue of vital importance.

“Bill Clinton to Barack Obama will probably come to be seen as the heyday of globalization, with the world retreating thereafter to a more controlled world trade system, which is actually far more historically typical of how world trade has normally operated.”

Trump keeping election promises again

Donald Trump has put together a team of people to run his trade policy whose views differ markedly from those of the accepted globalist orthodoxies.  Wilbur Ross, his pick for Commerce Secretary, and Peter Navarro, his pick to lead the new National Trade Council in the White House, are known economic nationalists, as is Robert Lighthizer, his pick for US representative to the World Trade Organisation.

“The country that is widely seen as most threatened by the change of US trade policy is China”

Ross is expected to be confirmed as Commerce Secretary shortly, whilst Navarro is an outspoken critic of the US’s trade relationship with China and Lighthizer is a longstanding advocate and defender of the interests of the US steel industry.

... Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and World Trade Organization (WTO). (Photo

It has now been confirmed that the Trump administration has instructed Lighthizer to look for ways for the US to opt out of the trades dispute resolution procedure of the World Trade Organisation, the body that has been set up to regulate world trade.

This is a potentially highly important development.  The World Trade Organisation’s dispute resolution procedure lies at the heart of the existing globalist world trade system and the monopoly huge corporations have had for a very long time.

 If the US – the keystone of the world economy and the country whose currency is used in the great bulk of international trade transactions – distances itself from it, then the whole globalist economic agenda will start to go into reverse.


Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.Sir Winston Churchill, Speech in November 1942

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