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Champagne socialists Elizabeth Warren and Maxine waters.

click video The Russians are Coming

Far left Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has taken on the role of spokesperson for the Democrat Party since the November election.

During an appearance on MSNBC’s All in with Chris Hayes, Democrat Maxine Waters read off a list of people connected to the Trump team who also have connections to Russia and the oil and gas industry.

Waters then went on to call the Trump administration a “bunch of scumbags.”

Maxine Waters: I just think the American people need to know what is going on. This is a bunch of scumbags. That’s what they are. They’re all organized around making money.

Senile Maxine Waters Thinks Trump Should Be Impeached For Calling Hillary Crooked because according to her the Russians gave Trump the idea?

Maxine Waters (D) Slip of the Tongue Reveals True Intentions (Socialism for America) says she is all about the government running all the oil companies just like in Venezuela.Image result for the russians are comingImage result for the russians are coming

Senile Kerosene Maxine: If Russia Helped Trump Create “Crooked Hillary” He Should Be Impeached!

Maxine water trumps picks are a pack of scumbags

Senile Nancy Pelosi and Maxine waters Pelosi thinks Bush is the President and Waters thinks that the Russians have invaded Korea.

Maxine Waters Tells Tea Party ‘You Can Go Straight to Hell