Let’s be honest, the CBC are White hating liberal Racists who think through promoting themselves and everyone except white people as victims can keep themselves in a job for life.  This is what these people are all about MONEY AND POWER.Image result for BLACK FRATERNITY WITH SLAVE COLLARS

The Congressional Black Caucus is made up of many stupid racists, who continue pushing the lie of “Hand up don’t shoot” in the Michael Brown case, and stirring up hate with their brainless “no justice, no peace” saying’Image result for BLACK FRATERNITY WITH SLAVE COLLARS

Brainless Democrats Hakeem Jeffries, Yvette Clarke, Sheila Jackson, and Al Green are untrustworthy scumbags who need to be removed from their positions in the House of Representatives as soon as possible.

The Congressional Black Caucus is a joke, made up by a bunch of stupid & whiny dumb-f@@ks who don’t care about black people – they only care about black Democrats, and continually feed the black community a pack of lies to keep them subservient to and dependent on the racist as@@@les like Hakeem Jeffries, Yvette Clarke, Sheila Jackson, and Al Green.


THE BLACK CAUCUS  ARE ILLUMINATE NEGRO SCUM. They are maxist socialists who hate black people more than anyone just like the white liberals hate white people most of all.  Related image

They are dangerous Marxist pawns who will do and say anything for the white illuminate  masters.

In the end it comes down to who you worship God as in the creator. Or Satan. The thing people do not understand is Satan although at the top levels expects his disciples to worship him.

He is content to be invisible to the  lower level slaves who he possesses through demons.  These people are hate filled angry greedy lying socialists.

The god they worship are themselves. These people believe they are a special race above their peers.Image result for BLACK FRATERNITY illuminati

Through communist indoctrination and victimhood they been invincible the last 20 years no one has dared contest their prescribed victim-hood .Image result for BLACK FRATERNITY WITH SLAVE COLLARS

With the election of Donald Trump the facade has fallen away divide and conquer is obvious as they are exposed as the self serving greedy scum they have always been.

Image result for BLACK FRATERNITY illuminati

The Black caucus(the name itself shows how racist they are) are looking for any reason they can find to paint Trump as a racist, but he hasn’t given them one. He has done more for black people in 2 months as president than they have in 60 years.

Related imageRelated image

Trump has already done more for the black community than Obama ever did this is patently obvious and they are furious. Image result for BLACK FRATERNITY illuminati

all male Initiates dance like gay prostitutes AQ Nupes of Kappa Alpha Psi Present – KomeBak (Stroll) {HD}

President Trump even announced a new Executive Order specifically designed to help inner city minorities. The order eases the regulatory burden on historically black colleges and funnels more money to them for their academic needs. Image result for BLACK FRATERNITY homosexuality

Branded and made to dance like male slaves. the fraternity dancing male homosexual  whores  will get money through contacts when they leave.

The President has two Howard University grads working on his executive order, a Historically black college.Image result for BLACK FRATERNITY homosexuality

I’m SURE the Congressional Black Caucus CAN’T WAIT to praise him for caring so much about  African-American youth!Related image

The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) are known for being race baiting-trouble starters in Washington. No matter what the issue, they will find a way to connect it to race.Related image

They have had nothing but negative things to say about our president, including calling his presidency “illegitimate”.Image result for BLACK FRATERNITY homosexuality

Last week, Trump was asked during his press conference why he hasn’t met with the CBC yet.Related image

He responded by saying that he would love to meet with them. In fact, President Trump DID try to reach out to meet with a prominent member of the CBC, Rep. Elijah Cummings, weeks ago. They rejected him

Cummings canceled because such a meeting would be bad for him politically. He blamed the cancellation on his staff for not giving him the message.

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“Poor White People” CNN Mocks Assaults on Trump Supporters

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