FBI Director James Comey

President Donald Trump’s surprising upset of Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election followed with that the Democrats and their blind followers in the media to come up with making  a narrative claiming that Trump and his people had knowingly had contacts with the Russian government, with the reason  Clinton to be stopped from victory.

Even though the narrative was and still seems to be rather far-fetched, known politicians and pundits have doggedly continued to support the idea that there is unwanted relation between Donald  Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Nevertheless, recent remarks from the FBI and other intelligence officials, reported by the mainstream media, have uncovered the truth out about that particular narrative, reports Conservative Tribune.

There were trials for reports on  the Russians attempts in developing contacts and acquiring a mole inside the White House, yet it was noted this was something the Russians have done for decades since the Cold War.

the FBI cleared Trump on October 31st, the media forgot and reignited their perpetual Trump-hating rhetoric once word of the recent Flynn incident came to light.

Liberals hoping to oust Trump in his first days began to spread the news of General Flynn’s December conversations far and wide. News agencies from every part of the country released statements poised at dismantling the new President.

ABC news is now crushing that narrative though, and reports that the claims are baseless.

“A senior intelligence official told ABC News last night that no evidence gathered by the FBI so far suggests Trump associates knew they were talking to Russian intelligence officers.”

As even more evidence continues to come forth that Trump and his administration are clean in their words, acts, and intentions regarding foreign policy, expect to receive an all-new level of media spin that makes yellow journalism look like child’s play. Unfortunately for the media Trump is fighting back and people really do believe him more than the Media who everyone now gets is lying and just hates him.

CNN reacted to Trumps scolding in his last Press conference like cry babies before attacking Trump again pretending and hoping people think they have a shred of credibility left which they dont.

President Donald Trump DESTROYS CNN Reporter , Trump Press Conference 2/16/2017