Is Trump about to launch a TRUMP NEWS CHANNEL  In a heated exchange between Newsnight‘s Evan Davis an aide to President Trump, both the presenter and the BBC were accused of “fake news”.lido_831

You have to admire the duplicity at the BBC. It’s such a subtle, insidious business model, forcing their viewers, by way of British Law, with a threat of a fine or imprisonment to pay for their own propaganda.

This is totally embarrassing to the BBC as it has been pumping out fake news for years and is beginning to be hated by people all over the UK. Everyone knows of the BBC news leftist news Bias. If you live in the UK all media is controlled one way or another by the government.  Radio stations can loose their broadcasting licence if they say the wrong thing the news papers get huge tax breaks to say what the government wants. all Radio stations have either babling morons or leftist liberal talk show hosts. Its terrible for people who want alternative views thank God for the internet.Image result for bbc fake news

We are starting to see a major shift as the mainstream is being exposed by Trump by alternative media for the fake news that it truly is .

Donald Trump aide Sebastian Gorka accuses BBC of ‘fake news’- BBC Newsnight watch BBC presenter get more frustrated as he is rebuffed constantly and looks a complete fool.

Press, fake news, leaks and Russia: Highlights from Trump presser – BBC Newsnight