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 Soros at 86 who is the wealthiest he has ever been is at the apax of his power socially and politically just like the NWO globalists who were about to achieve their ultimate goal with the Elction of Hillary Clinton(ww3 the death of billions and end of America with the anti-christ NWO rising from the ashes)were stopped in their tracks by a world wide movement and th eelection of one man


The news media has been reporting on plans by a coalition of activist groups to hold a massive anti-Trump Tax March in Washington and at least 60 other locations on April 15.

Here we go again remember Billionaire George Soros spent $33MILLION bankrolling Ferguson demonstrators to create ‘echo chamber’ and drive national protests

  • Hedge fund mogul’s Open Society Foundations made huge donations
  • Organizers bussed in from New York and D.C. to take over campaigning
  • Organizers  bused in from New York and D.C. to take over campaigning
  • Helped to keep events and messages at the top of news agenda
  • Soros cash, from speculating on markets, is given to many fascist causes

A Raw Scene as Ferguson Turns Violent Soros professional rioters and actors on film.

Unreported by the news media is that most of the listed partners and support organizers of the march are openly financed by George Soros or have close links to Soros financing.

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The website for the march, which is slated for the deadline for Americans to file their tax returns, claims that its mission is to get Trump to release his tax returns and more.


The site relates:

President Trump needs to be straight with the American people. To whom does he owe favors? Who are his policies really intended to benefit? Who will he put first? Working families are struggling to make ends meet, but we pay our fair share in taxes – does Donald Trump pay any at all?

Different cash recipients of soros fund money willwould repeat each others’ messages with signs chants and in the press

Organizers of the march claim to be “ordinary Americans, community organizers, advocates, and people from all walks of life and all backgrounds joining together to raise our voices and send a bold message to this administration.”

Leaders from January’s Women’s March coalition are reportedly helping to organize the Tax March, which USA Today described as a “sequel” to the massive women’s march. Buzzfeed took note of the comparison to the women’s march in a piece titled, “Progressives Want Tax Day To Be The Next Women’s March Protest.”

Soros reportedly has ties to more than 50 “partners” of that march. Also, this journalist first reported on the march leaders’ close associations with Soros.

In a section titled “Who is organizing it?” the website for the Tax March lists the following eight groups, six of which are either funded by Soros or tied to Soros financing. full story 

The Truth About Paid Protests Against President Trump | N60

George Soros Power Dwindling

there are protests now all over the world which are gaining momentum against him not Trump the real people are fed up with globalism and the powerful backers like Soros .

These have started in Europe we need them in the USA

‘Stop Operation Soros’ movement begins in Macedonia — RT News

 Massive protests rock Romania … with the stench of Soros – Fort Russ

 George Soros targeted by Trump supporters over protests –

Billionaire investor and (nazi) philanthropist George Soros has become the target of Donald Trump supporters, who have begun organizing protests against the prominent wicked Democratic donor whom they see as contributing to civil unrest in the wake of the 2016 elections.

The Hungarian-born investor, a Jew who survived the Nazi occupation during World War II and who has committed about $12 billion of his fortune to human rights work around the world, has long been a lightning rod for conservatives for his support of progressive causes.

That criticism reached a fever pitch online since the presidential election as Trump voters and conspiracy theorists see Soros’ hand — and wallet — in the protests that raged across the country in the days following the election. It’s a claim of financial support Soros’ Open Society Foundations disavows.

“At the end of the day, it seems like he’s sending groups to create chaos and disorder for no reason,” said Rochelle Winther of Los Angeles, who is circulating information about him on social media, concerned that Soros is promoting hate through protests. “I don’t see how that helps anybody.”

Instagram memes, Reddit organizing

in a statement worthy of George Orwell’s 1984 ministry of truth

There have been many false reports about George Soros and the Open Society Foundations funding the protests that have erupted since the U.S. presidential elections. There is no truth to these reports,” Foundations President Chris Stone said.

“The only initiative we are planning to fund related to the elections is to respond to hate crimes and speech.” (in other words Trump and his supporters)

The Open Society Foundations this week pledged $10 million to fight (cause)hate crimes.

The organization says it spends about $500 million annually supporting groups that promote human rights, democracy and justice, (fascist liberal nazi organizations who forment hatred and engage in violent street protests).

George Soros FINALLY Gets What’s Coming to Him!!!
With Hillary Clinton having lost the 2016 election and the White House, George Soros’s power seems to be dwindling, and liberals are not too happy about it.


Geroge Soros on twitter below.

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