A highlight, if you will. Cruz vs Sanders CNN Debate Night live stream where Bernie showed his true colors. No, he is not a nice guy. He’s a pandering SJW no different than the rest of them. Some may even say he’s a piece of human Garbage. Image result for crazy bernie

The first video shows Bernies moronic liberal economics he tells a business woman who cant employ more than 49 people or she will have to pay her employees health insurance which will make her go bankrupt to go bankrupt.

Bernie who lives in Socialist La La land says to this business woman just buy the F@@king health insurance to not only the horror of this woman her employees who like their jobs but the whole audience.

This guy is a Moron.

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This is why if Sanders had been running against Trump the landslide may have been even bigger for Trump than for the hated Hillary. Sanders proved he was and is at heart a yes man who is weak,incompetent, a fool a hypocrite and a millionaire socialist.

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After his humiliating defeat by Clinton which was actually Obvious fraud against him Sanders went out and  campaigned for hated Hillary to the disgust of his own supporters.

Election fallout –Democrats were just flailing around trying to blame anyone and everyone they can find — everyone except themselves — for last November night’s crushing defeat of their party.

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The democrats are finished, why?

They have no new ideas they have been digging into the hole of social Justice. They are deaf dumb and blind to anyone but their own ideology.  They have become a gross caricature of themselves.

Democrats have nothing in common with their own party base .


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The Base knows whats wrong but the Leadership does not care the Party is run by Big business and special interests. Not the People.

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Even pro-abortion pro-feminist-pro Lgbt pro every-ism you can think of dye in the wool democrats are shaking their heads and saying we hate the leadership of our own party we hate the corruption we hate the obvious bias and hatred of white males and now just white people in general.

The Death Of The Democratic Party–chose to nominate a deeply unpopular, extremely vulnerable, scandal-plagued candidate, who was a protector of all the worst components of elite corruption (

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If Hillary had won with voter fraud rampant “upward to 25 million or so” and the 30 million illegals made legal and god knows how many more to come the liberals would have won forever. America would no longer have been America.

It would have been a NWO socialist social Justice communist state. Bankrupt and heading towards civil war.

Now its the opposite.

the Democrats are in death diving Mode.

In the videos below even Democrats realize that their leaders are out of touch and complete hypocrites.

below is a video of Sanders the guy these libtards thought should have been president an out of touch communist moron who admits he has no idea of economics


Ted Cruz SHUTS DOWN Bernie Sanders Socialist “BernieCare”

amazingly Bernie just ignores what Cruz says because he is so brainwashed into socialism he will go ahead with disastrous plans no matter how many people it bankrupts including the whole United states


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