In a recent listicle entitled “19 School Powerpoint Presentations That Give Zero F**ks,” two Buzzfeed staff writers (because apparently gathering a couple tweets is a TWO person job) compiled a list of anti-white presentations given by American students around the country.

What we have here is a subtle white genocide in that they are planting the idea into impressionable peoples heads, in other words brainwashing society to think white people are inhuman subjecting them to ridicule and contempt. the Agenda is a Race War to destabilize and destroy society before they tke us over.

Buzzfeed are using anti-white propaganda to slowing indoctrinate white people.
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One day I feel like my professors just gon stop letting me do presentations


Pretty sure I just got an F on my presentation.

Finessed an A on my presentation ✊🏾

The list comes a week after Buzzfeed attempted to smear Chip and Joanna Gaines from the popular HGTV show Fixer Upper for their association with a pastor who preaches against gay marriage.

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