Is France on the brink of a political revolution? Already, four established candidates for the presidency — two former presidents and two former prime ministers — have backed out or been rejected by the voters, and another, François Fillon, is on the ropes.

The campaign is being taken over by outsiders, principally the Front National’s Marine Le Pen and a youthful former banker, Emmanuel Macron, while the Socialists have chosen an eccentric radical, Benoît Hamon.

American Elites Stunned After French Leader Le Pen Storms To Defense Of Trump

“demonic Anti-Christ globalists” have been further stunned after French presidential front runner Marine Le Pen stormed to the defense of America’s President Donald Trump by revealing the truth on Ukraine

“There was a coup d’etat in Ukraine… it’s not just what I think, it’s a reality. There was an agreement between different nations and the next day this agreement was broken and some people took power after the referendum… there was no invasion of Crimea.” 

Marine La pen defends Trumps anti-immigration policy.Le Pen I don’t want to put a wall around France Ukraine was not a Russian Invasion.


“Donald Trump can now use  Le Pens truthful comments as a defense for not starting World War III to protect these Nazis.”

Le Pen’s shocking “statement of truth” matches exactly that of the global intelligence giant Stratfor (the “Shadow CIA”)
who had previously called the catastrophe in Ukraine, where the US installed a Nazi government,

“the most blatant coup in history”.

As the Western Media calls for War with Russia constantly with the Ukraine
Donald Trump America’s new leader now can use Le Pen’s truthful statement as his defense for not starting World War III to protect these Nazis.

French presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron (alongside wife) denies a gay affair a scandal which most likely may cost him the election.

Fillon Trains Fire on Macron as Scandal Upends French Vote …

Le Pen, for her siding with Trump, will, most assuredly, be barraged with “barrels full of ink” of propaganda mainstream “fake news” media attacks intended to destroy her—and that began today with London’s Guardian newspaper, in their article titled

“There Will Be No President Le Pen”,
proclaiming she’ll surely be defeated by the rising star of France’s third-way movement En Marche!, Emmanuel Macron.
There is a power struggle at every level going on.
With Germany now in total fear of their upcoming elections due to the stunning populist revolts throwing Britain out of the European Union (Brexit), giving Trump his shocking election win in America, and now Le Pen’s nearly unstoppable run for the French presidency The noose is tightening on the internationalists.

Globalist media are now using Fake polls to demoralize French voters to stop Le Pen becoming President in a re-run of Brexit and Trump election. The left still hasn’t learned its lesson.

Poll shows Le Pen losing French presidential runoff