Anti-Muslim views rise across Europe

Europe’s relationship with its Muslim minority has long been fraught. Over the past year, it seems to have become worse.

A wave of migrants and refugees from Muslim-majority nations have inflamed the debate about immigration on the continent, fueling the rise of far-right parties and probably contributing to Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. At the same time, groups claiming to be inspired by an extremist version of Islam have carried out devastating attacks in France and Belgium.

Now a poll released Monday by the Pew Research Centershows that in several European nations, unfavorable views of Muslims seem to have surged in 2016.

 In Britain, 80 percent of those with an unfavorable view of Muslims felt that refugees presented a terror threat.

47 per cent of Britons want to stop immigration from Muslim majority countriesRelated image

People across Europe are beginning to send their politicians a clear message they are fed up with Islam and want Muslims to be banned from entering their country. Islam has caused most of the problems we see with the European Union. In fact Angela Merkel last year when she allowed over 1.5 million immigrants into Germany basically killed the Euro-zone.Image result for islamic immigration into europe

A Pew survey of 10 European countries in 2016 found majorities in five countries had an unfavourable view of Muslims living in their country.

Of those, 72 per cent of Hungarians had a negative view of Muslims, followed by 69 per cent of Italians, 66 per cent of Poles, 65 per cent of Greeks and 50 per cent of Spaniards.

In the UK, only 28 per cent said they had an unfavorable view of Muslims, while in Germany and France 29 per cent said the same.

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