Were The so-called protesters at Berkeley the same paid protesters at the inauguration, and also caused mayhem in Mexico.

Milo protesters at Berkeley  think about the following, 

It has become clear that the highest levels of governance at Berkeley ordered the riots, and that every “protester” was likely paid

Despite what you have been told, witnesses at Berkely have confirmed that the police were told to stand down.

Milo himself witnessed the police stand down.

The top staff at Berkeley clearly ordered the violent protests and told the police to stand down because that is the only way stand down orders would have been given.

The photo shows the Police standing around doing nothing inside the student union building while the riots went wild outside.

The only way the police would have been told to stand down is if the staff and faculty at Berkeley ordered the riots and wanted them to happen.

It would be logical then to conclude that whatever damage happened was ordered to happen.

A Starbucks was trashed and knowing what a communist lib joint Starbucks is, Berkeley probably had permission to trash it. This is a logical conclusion and one which has been taken by the president of the United states.

In this message it is very Clear President Trumps Holds the University itself responsible.

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Milo had an expensive media transmitter trailer there with a large telescopic antenna that got trashed.

This is seen laying on its side being burned in some of the riot photos. This type of trailer will have an antenna that telescopes upwards approximately 50 feet.

Yiannopoulos said he witnessed protester breach the ground floor of the building 

It is for high definition broadcasts at completely random locations where connectivity is not assured.

Destroying it was a major act of vandalism that you can bet Berkeley will not pay for even though it has become fairly obvious that even the dean was in on the riots.

This is good cause to shut down Berkeley.

If Berkeley is so flooded with communist low life trash that in their form of “tolerance” they did this to a gay speaker just because he happened to have a conservative side, it is TIME TO SHUT BERKELEY DOWN.

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Berkeley is clearly rotten all the way to the top.

America should not be sending kids to be psychologically sterilized into pure communism rather than learn anything meaningful.

The fact these riots happened the way they happened – with clear support of the entire staff cements my point in bed rock, it cannot be denied.

Berkeley is a seditious institution working directly against the best interests of the United States. It cannot be repaired.

If leftists believe it is acceptable to protest Milo by burning his transmitter trailer and torching campus over him being there, then it ought to be acceptable for the right wing to respond by burning abortion clinics, and the brainwashing “humanities” centers at the universities that use language courses as a venue for erasing brains.

These are polar opposites to Milo and Breitbart, and fair is fair. I Wonder why SOROS is not in jail already with him arranging most of this garbage.

SOROS must be very powerful . President Trump must be clever with him.

Obviously the right won’t resort to such tactics because it is the working portion of society that does not have time for it.  Or the attitude for it. Or the lack of sophistication for it. Or the hypocrisy for it.

All the while the left talks about free speech, when anyone says something the left does not agree with, the response is outrage and violence.

The left is obviously not about free speech, it is about control of discourse and runs completely opposite of the American way.

It is time for people on the right to stop being tolerant of the left’s intolerance. It is in the nature of the right to just let the left blow steam, do name calling, and for the right to then not take action.

But if the right never answers back, it will be steamrolled. Obviously Trump is the right answering back to leftist lunacy, but Trump is not an excuse to say “oh, it will be taken care of” just as the right has always said, Trump or not.

were The so-called protesters at Berkeley were the same paid protesters that did the inauguration, and also cause mayhem in Mexico.

They are international, and that likely means Soros. They expect to get away with anything they do. However, a 60 mph can of coke to the forehead would ensure at least one of them did not get off the hook so easy, or a rock, or whatever.

If anyone sees these punks tearing things up, the answer is NOT to run, the answer instead is to put them in the hospital.

If anyone thinks the police are going to make a difference with these types they are delusional, because like at Berkeley, the police will know the protesters are paid and will be told to stand down.

President Trump may be giving soros a Free hand to flush out the rest of his cohorts and make it plain to the American Perople who they are before he takes them all out. 

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