I have no idea is the Earth Flat and in reality Im no scientist but i do have a brain and can think for myself.

What I do know is that Nasa faked the original Moon landings.

But you would think the actually went into space at some point.Well watch this video and ask yourself how come Nasa astronauts and experts Cant agree on what a person can see in space.

According to some of these astronauts you can see all the stars just like here on earth.

According to others space is a black void because the sun is so bright you cant see any stars.

Image result for nasa never a straight answer

Although this video is a flat Earth Video it does ask some important questions why would Nasa scientists contradict the astronauts who went up there and the astronauts contradict each other about  what you can see in space?Image result for flat earth

The only explanation I can give is Nasa dont know and are making it up.

The only way they would not know is if they have never sent a man or a  satellite into space.

WTF? even I find that hard to believe but why do they all contradict each other can we see stars from space?Image result for flat earth

The only logical explanation for their inconsistent lies is that they have never been in space and the whole space program is a huge hoax?

FLAT EARTH – How can NASA recover from this, EVER???