One thing that we know everyone who goes against Trump has failed God is pushing this whole agenda Trump is just the battering Ram . The populist revolution is bigger than Donald Trump it is a world wide counter culter revolution against the worlds Satanic elite . God is going to expose and derail the NWO  this is only the beginning.

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The conservative Christian and Moral majority is now unleashed by the power of God the enemy is being pushed back in all corners.


The move came one day after Trump reinstated the Mexico City Policy

THE HAGUE, Netherlands ( – The Dutch government is calling for an international fund for abortion and contraception. The move comes in reaction to President Donald Trump’s executive order Monday reinstating the Mexico City Policy, which would withdraw all federal money from international organizations that promote abortion.

Lilianne Ploumen, minister for foreign trade and development for the Netherlands, made the announcement Tuesday, expressing the government’s wish to establish a fund to which governments, corporations and non-profits could contribute to advance access to abortion worldwide in order to “compensate this financial setback as much as possible.”Image result for war in heaven st michael

he Mexico City Policy was first enacted by President Ronald Reagan in 1984 (named after the city that hosted the U.N. International Conference on Population, where the policy was first announced), and directed that the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) withhold federal funds from international organizations that perform abortions.

President Bill Clinton overturned the policy on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade in 1993, which was reinstated under President George W. Bush on Roe’s anniversary in 2001. The Mexico City Policy was once again reversed under President Barack Obama in 2009.

Trump signs three executive orders, including a withdrawal from the TPP

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The battle rage’s on

Poland Starts Work on Total Abortion Ban Amid Culture Clash

  • Catholic country already has one of EU’s most restrictive laws
  • Bill would put Poland in small global group with total ban
People attend an anti-abortion demonstration in front of the Polish Pariament in Warsaw on Sept. 22.

Discussion of the draft law began Thursday in parliament, controlled by the party of Prime Minister Beata Szydlo, who’s advocated the return of Poland to its traditional Catholic roots.

CATASTROPHE FOR EU: Moldova looks to scrap EU trade deal in favour of RUSSIA

THE EU was dealt another crushing blow as Moldova looks set to sever its ties with the bloc in favour of snuggling up to Russia.

Denmark snubs EU as Government vows internal borders will REMAIN to halt migrant influx

INGER STØJBERG has followed through on her threat to keep Denmark’s borders closed until the EU takes control over the migrant crisis, as the temporary border control measures have been extended.

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We must all pray and engage in the spiritual battle.