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John McCain in an interview speaking to CIA asset Anderson Cooper Admits the Russians are Bombing what he calls the Armed resistance to Assad that we(the USA) armed . These are in fact according to Russian President Putin western backed mercenaries who are ISIS.

When the US congress admits they have no idea who they armed in Syria against Assad its hard to believe any administration would be so irresponsible unless there was an agenda in place to ignore this fact. I believe the Obama and the CIA are not stupid and know exactly who they gave weapons to.

This is why the CIA leaders are at war with the Trump administration they want to keep the proxy war going using Isis fighters against Assad.

McCain who met with the ISIS leaders before ISIS got going to arm the so called rebels is furious the plan to fight Assad and Russia by proxy fighters is being lost.

He Claims the NWO plan going back 70 years is being thwarted and Blames Obama for the current mess, McCain goes on to admit the whole war in Syria is connected to the Ukraine and what is going on there. What he didnt say is that the war is all about energy and who controls the energy consumption into Europe.

So the oil pipeline war which is what it really is  all about is a larger  geographical Power struggle of not one but two major regions Ukraine being the focus in Europe and Syria being the focus in Asia to lessen Russian influence in both regions and nothing to do with Assad’s leadership at all.

The Syrian war often seems like a big confusing mess but one factor that is not often mentioned could be the key to unlocking the conflict. Some experts have pointed out that many of the key players have one thing in common:  competing multi billion dollar gas pipelines routes from the Mideast to Europe.

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John McCains Reasons For Arming Rebels infiltrated (ISIS) in other words ISIS.

at 2.15 seconds the reporter says the rebels are infiltrated by Isis McCain does not contradict her just talks about Russia and wants more help for the rebels who have been infiltrated by Isis. McCain is only interested in government propaganda which he repeats constantly Assad is a bad man Russia is evil etc.

US Senator John McCain: “I know ISIS intimately, I’ve met them and I talk to them all the time. Hanity quote Rand Paul says that the rebels are giving weapons to Isis to which McCain reply’s has Rand Paul been to Syria he knows these people and speaks to them all the time.

John McCain furious over loosing the war in Syria and the end of ISIS

John McCain Furious at Trump backing Russia who are attacking American armed Isis fighters(video) Admits the 70 year old NWO is under threat Blames Obama

U.S. Senator McCain: We’ve been funding ISIS all the time.

John McCain with Isis leaders before the war with Assad meeting to agree weapons and training for US mercenary (Isis groups) In the picture is the leader of ISIS who mcCain says he talks to all the time.

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General Wesley Clark explains ISIS was created by U.S. Allies


John McCains legacy in the middle east massacres and Bloody Murder

General wesley clarke and people like him should be put on trial in th esame way the Nazis were after the second world war.

Americas legacy in the middle east ISIS Sex-Slave Raping & Selling Girls (Full Documentary)