Mayor de Blasio reads the children’s book “Secret Pizza Party” to a group in Queens between Council Majority Leader Jimmy Van Bramer (l.) and Queens Library President Dennis Walcott Saturday at the Woodside branch.

The poorly chosen book follows the exploits of a wily raincoat-clad raccoon who is overly enthusiastic about keeping secrets and stealing pizza.

When you make something secret, you make it special. That was the bizarre lesson Mayor de Blasio — whose questionable fund-raising tactics are at the center of an ongoing criminal probe — delivered Saturday to a group of children at a Queens library.Hizzoner read from the illustrated children’s book “Secret Pizza Party” at the Woodside branch of the Queens Library alongside library boss Dennis Walcott and City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer.

The poorly chosen yarn follows the exploits of a wily raincoat-clad raccoon who is overly enthusiastic about keeping secrets and stealing pizza.

“If the raccoon was stealing pizza for a cause he believed in, do you think he was still breaking the law, necessarily?” one reporter asked as the mayor exited the library.

“What do you think of Joe Percoco’s secret pizza party?” the reporter asked.

Judicial Watch Investigation Ties Clinton, De Blasio, Billionaire Developer Ratner to ‘New Tammany Hall’ Scandal

Reported on august 9 2016

‘The central scam of the new Tammany Hall system would not be unfamiliar to old Tammany’s [George Washington] Plunkitt: public money for private profit.’

(Washington, DC) – An incisive new expose published today in Judicial Watch’s Investigative Bulletin charges that New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, real estate developer Bruce Ratner, and Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton are key players in a “new Tammany Hall” that manipulates  billions of dollars of public funds into vast private profits. The report was written by Judicial Watch’s Chief Investigative Reporter, Micah Morrison.

The report provides a roadmap to how New York City’s controversial Atlantic Yards development project became what Morrison terms “a giant boondoggle generating torrents of cash for well-connected insiders.” Among the highlights of the Morrison piece:

  • Real estate developer and Democratic Party heavyweight Bruce Ratner is the central figure in the battles over Atlantic Yards. Smart, tough and tireless, Ratner has courted controversy with unfulfilled promises of public benefits, multi-million-dollar paydays, and links to crooked politicians and their enablers. Ratner has close ties to de Blasio and Clinton. Clinton’s presidential campaign headquarters is in a Ratner building in Brooklyn.
  • One lucrative lever of the new Tammany system is called the Public Authorities Control Board. According to court testimony, it has no staff, no offices, and has approved “billions of dollars of bond sales.” In a 2006 meeting that lasted just five minutes, the PACB approved Ratner’s Atlantic Yards proposal, despite mounting opposition to the project. The price tag: $4 billion.
  • PACB approval opened the door for Ratner to receive taxpayer-backed benefits and financing. The benefits included an immediate cash injection of $100 million for “new infrastructure” such as “streets and sewers,” according to testimony by a state budget official in a lawsuit, and a later $511 million sale of tax-free bonds.
  • Ratner received state-backed financing and $726 million in “special government benefits” – your tax dollars at work – to help finance the Barclays Center portion of site, according to an analysis by the city’s Independent Budget Office. The benefits included “direct contributions of cash, capital investment and property; access to tax-exempt financing; exemptions from property, sales, and mortgage taxes, and below market sale” of Metropolitan Transportation Authority land, the IBO report said. Despite all that, Barclays looked like a loser for the city. The arena would “cost the city nearly $40 million more in spending” than it would generate in tax revenues, the report said. full story