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It sure looks like they’re right. “The Data Lounge” is one of the top gay politics and gossip websites since 1995. Screenshot below from Data Lounge story here. They ask?michael-moore-transgender

Is he trying to be provocative with that t-shirt or trying to give a message to the world

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In 2014 moore divorced his wife no reason was given his 50$ million fortune made mostly complaining about rich capitalists was to be split amicably. Despite the fact he is Micheal Moore and ugly loathsome person(not to confuse his sexuality) she stood by him for 22 years yet all of a sudden decided she wanted a divorce was this because of his transitioning to become a woman.source

Divorce: The lavish wealth of underdog-defending filmmaker Michael Moore, pictured left, has been laid bare in his divorce battle with now-ex-wife Kathy Glynn, right, and their breakup is the talk of their small Michigan community

This is Micheal before his alleged transitioning although he was always Obese the transitioning drugs may contribute towards extra weight especially in the chest and stomach area.

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Is Michael Moore Transitioning?

He/she was being interviewed yesterday on The View and it’s apparent to me that something is going on.

He/she is clearly on feminizing hormones, is now letting his/her hair grow out, and also looks like is undergoing facial laser hair removal. Despite the extra weight Morres face seems thinner less square. More feminine.

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Transgender Chaz Bono

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Interview is below.


Being a complete hypocrite this is what he had to say previously about Hillary Clinton driven by socialist leftist ideology he will stick to party politics and say anything including lying his ass off for his political masters.

Micheal Moore defends women’s rights in the same way alleged transgender ex President Michelle Obama and her Gay husband Barrack Obama.Moore also loves Islam despite its appalling treatment of women homosexuals lesbians and all non Muslims.

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Despite the mass murder and genocide of recent years of Muslims on Christians and other Muslims Moore says Christians who do have done nothing of the sort are just as bad.

Moore hates Christianity so much he will stoop to any level to attack Christianity with his pal the FBI informant race batter Al Sharpton.

It has been said that the reason feminists support communist socialism and  Islam is because both are anti-western ideologies.Related image

Michael Moore We’re All Mexican, Transgender, Muslim, Women is he trying to tell us something about himself. I notice he did not say we are all men.

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Micheal hates the Idea of a strong western Male but it seems he hates white privileged men like himself the most

Perhaps in is own mind this is how Mr Moore God love him thinks of himself.


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But God help us this is the reality

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