Madonna the singing prostitute satanist kabalist and anti-christ. Reading from a script says she has thought about blowing up the white-house. Yes she did say it was only a thought and it wouldnt solve anything but these people are actively working to foment violence.

Madonna a has been 1980 singer who is so desperate for fame she goes topless at 58 in her concerts to most peoples disgust, a woman who offered to give oral sex to any man who voted for Hillary a woman who lets be honest is a disgusting piece of trash bleets she chooses love only her version of love is a disgusting sex orgy involving just about anyone she can squeeze in.

Madonna💩 Offers Blow Jobs for Hillary Voters @ Amy Schumer💩

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This pervert who writes children books and is celebrated in the media who think liberals are ok with no morals but go back to 1950s draconian-ism when it comes to conservatives breaching morality.

the fake and real face of Madonna
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Madonna admitted in the 1980s that most of her stage performances were actually black masses and satan worship. Today this old hag still tries to be relevant as she counts down the days that satan comes to drag her withered old carcass to hell.Related image

Madonna’s admission that she had “thought about blowing up the White House” was cheered by #WomensMarch attendees. A march packed with SJW people who are mostly overweight and obese.


Grandmother Madonna is a true bottom feeder.

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