Jennifer Aniston Is PEOPLE’s 2016 World’s Most Beautiful Woman!

Jennifer Aniston may be one of the most gorgeous stars in Hollywood, but she was still humbled and “very, very flattered” when she first heard the news that she was being named the Most Beautiful Woman in the World. “I thought, ‘Oh my God,’ ” she tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story. “There was this sort of very excited, teenage-y kind of moment.”

The actress, who says she’s learned to embrace her appearance over the years, insists she feels her best when she’s healthy and strong.


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No this is not a joke this middle aged chiseled faced alleged woman was voted the most beautiful woman in the world of 2016.

obviously this woman who is lets be honest her best days are behind her at least 10 years not beautiful of even particularly good looking if we look at actual good looking women in Hollywood.Related imageImage result for jennifer aniston ugly pics

When real women are being ditched at the age of 26 in Hollywood here we have a woman nearly 50 who without makeup and with make up looks like an old old woman being touted as 2016 most beautiful what is going on.  Is there an agenda or does Aniston have some kind of leverage in Hollywood.

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2016 most beautiful woman Jenifer Aniston

Image result for jennifer aniston ugly pics

ok but with some make up and air brushing lets see what happens wow can you actually believe anything you see in movies after these pictures and the total change in her face.

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Is Jennifer Aniston the Queen of some Illuminati, Skull, Death Cult?




CONCLUSION  by Hollywood standards this extremely ugly woman who has the jaw and face of a man is voted the most beautiful of 2016 for 20 years for no reason whatsoever when there are women far better looking and interesting all media attention is on the horse-faced person, I am not being cruel because she or he does look good in many pictures and did so in the 90s sitcom friends.

but since then without make up and even with it Aniston does not look good. Like many of these people she has aged really really badly.  Ok age does take its toll but then why isnt she ignored and why do so many young Hollywood guys go after her(we know they are under orders and fake relationships are very common).

Why is this person so important to the media and Hollywood when at this age he or she is so ugly?