Handcuffed in Ambulance

 Kanye West has been taken to

UCLA Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation.


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The fake mass media are reporting Kanye West Hospitalized For Psychiatric Evaluation Amid Cancelled Tour & On-Stage Rants this is what they are reporting.

fake news site perez Hilton reports

On Monday Kanye West was hospitalized in the wake of canceling his Saint Pablo Tour and ranting about supporting Donald Trump, feuding with Beyoncé and Jay Z, and more.

A source familiar with the case told NBC News that the Los Angeles Police Department received a request for a medical welfare check on the rapper around 1:20 p.m. PDT. Insiders explained there was no criminal connection with the call.

Plus, an LAPD spokesperson told BuzzFeed the call was initially a “disturbance call that became a medical emergency call.” An unnamed source also told the outlets Yeezy was hospitalized for both his health and safety.9

TMZ is clarifying that the famous father has been admitted to UCLA Medical Center for a psychiatric evaluation.

Sources explained to the tabloid that a doctor had been examining the hit maker for sleep deprivation when someone close to the artist decided he needed to be taken to the medical facility by ambulance. His manager. (show me the money)

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Law enforcement sources told TMZ Ye didn’t want to get checked in to the hospital, and paramedics even had to restrain him while he was be transported. Imagine that if you ok and forced by police and handcuffed to go to hospital against your will i would be erratic as well.

Fake news site TMZ rights

Kanye West is in a bad mental state … and sources familiar with the situation tell us his hospitalization is far from over.

Our sources say as of Wednesday morning it appeared he would stay at UCLA Medical Center until at least week’s end. We’re told some members of Kanye’s family wanted him home for Thanksgiving and felt it would do him good, but as of yesterday that looked improbable.

TMZ broke the story … Kanye’s doctor told cops he was suffering from a temporary psychosis brought on by sleep deprivation and extreme dehydration, but we’re told the problems go much deeper.

A well-connected Kanye source tells us Kanye’s psychological problems are significant enough so that his insurance policy — which covers lost profits and financial obligations for cancelled concerts due to illness — will almost certainly cover the losses for the 21 concerts he’s cancelled.

So much for the fake news sites and their bullshit news

Kanye West has said many crazy things so what? Previously people just laughed as long as he followed the illuminate core message of satanism and commercialism kept his mouth shut about them and said the right things.Recently he just went off script.

Kanye West: America is a racist country and I would have voted Trump

At a concert in San Jose during his Saint Pablo tour, Kanye West opened up about the 2016 election in typical style. According to videos and tweets from the night, West told fans —in no particular order — that if he’d voted he would have voted for Donald Trump; that Trump’s approach to campaigning was “absolutely genius because it fucking worked”; that black people need to stop “being distracted” by racism and accept that the US is a racist country; and that he himself is still planning to run for president in 2020.

Kanye just said he thinks he’ll have the experience in 2020 to run for office, I’m dead serious, Kanye just said he’s preparing for 2020.

Kanye West just stopped the show again to tell us that Kanye liked Trumps campaign. Someone threw something at Kanye but he isn’t mad.

 Raptor @RaptorJesuss

Kanye is now saying how he loved Trumps debate style. Kanye is glad Trump inspired racists to reveal themselves. “This is the beginning”

Kanye then says “Neither candidate would fix racism in this country” Walks off stage, end of concert. WOW.



  • The illuminate use people like west to get their demonic message to the impressionable people. look how many retweets and like this one guy has about kanye west.

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He was Kidnapped at his managers house by evil goons who were called by his management  they grab him handcuffed him to a gurney  inject him then sent him to a mental institution to brainwash him.

Kim Cancelled his concerts right away apparently they wont loose money because they are insured. Its been reported he is suffering from dehydration.

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This is what happens when you sell your soul and align with the devil and his earthly minions you step out of line and you get whacked.

What happened was recently Kayne west has been listening to Donald Trump and agreeing with what he has to say.

Recently he told black people to stop complaining about racism and get on with their lives because its a racist world.


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Kayne who is part of an illuminate witchcraft family a Satanist who allegedly sold his soul to the devil. his Mother Died and its the 10th Anniversary  did he only get 10 years was he unwilling to supply anyone else for a Blood sacrifice knowing his time was up.

Blood Sacrafice

Donda West, Kanye West‘s mother, has been the inspiration behind several of his career highlights: multiple albums, singles like “Hey Mama” and “Only One,” his multidiscipline design and content company DONDA — the list goes on and on. However, the 58-year-old former chairwoman of Chicago State University’s English department died Nov. 10, 2007, the day after receiving multiple cosmetic surgeries.

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Kanye surrounded by demons in this video. His world is all about sex and lust.

What exactly caused her death is still a controversial subject even He tries to steer clear from.

“If I had never moved to L.A. she’d be alive,”

West told Qmagazine in an article published in June.

“I don’t want to go far into it because it will bring me to tears.”(Part of the deal is a Blood sacrifice).

What Happened to Kanye West's Mother? The Story Behind Donda West's Tragic Death

Kanye West Famous Music Video Satanic Illuminati they illuminate are so scared one radio station has decided to ban his music.

Sacramento Station Has Banned Playing Any Kanye West Music After His Show

Is this why no mainstream comedian would ever

Now the Satanic Music Industry is saying Kanye West’s condition ‘way worse than sleep deprivation and dehydration’ following breakdown… as he prepares for Thanksgiving in hospital with Kim Kardashian.


in the Picture he is mocking Christ with a crown of thorns and wears the double cross. the women in this picture as in his life demons notice the eyes and the lizard tongue on one of them.  is Kayne(unknown to him when he made this picture) to be a blood sacrifice.

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All the men in the  Kardashians family suffer very badly one after another. Their Father died 8 weeks after being diagnosed with cancer 8 weeks fast acting cancer seem to happen a lot in hollywood.

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Kardashian witch curse

Blac Chyna’s mother brands the Kardashian Klan a coven of witches, liars and thieves…

They are saying he had a breakdown obviously this is ludicrous but TMZ isnt a fake news site rite. The website reports Kanye is in such a ‘bad mental state’ that his insurance policy for his 21 cancelled U.S. concerts is likely to cover him for lost profits due to illness.

Satanist Kanye and his devil witch wife KIM KARDASHIAN

By his side: Kim Kardashian and Kanye in happier times at the MTV Video Awards back in August

listen to this rant this is according to the media the ramblings of someone crazy. In other words he dissed Obama and said he supports Trump doesnt sound crazy to me.

its been 10 years from Kaynes Mom Died on Nov 10 2007 and from that time he has started to speak out is his time up is the devil due is there Hell to pay, yes enough of the cliches you get the point.  People who sell their souls get a certain amount of time on earth with the rewards. We see most celebrities loose family members to disease and strange deaths. The police seem to have malfunctions when they consider may of the weird deaths suicide which is where the term suicided comes in.

This episode is very bizarre and Public they may need to wheel him out now and again just to show hes fine we didnt kidnap drug him  and wash his brain.

Kim who knows the score about blood sacrifices may have decided she needs her own. Kayne. there is no love like love for oneself and ones own life.

When you make a deal with Demons you always get burned unless you unleash hell and have more and more blood sacrifices. West always regreted his deal. He said on stage onece


What happens next I think if he survives the mind control he is to undergo they may let him live a while because of his fans and his influence. But he needs another blood sacrifice and it seems ts to late. Kim who understands who the controllers are and who it seems is in on this whole thing.

Its for his own good she says.

Well she could do with a bit more fame and a bit more Male energy.

The devil gave Kayne what he wanted the time now is up.

The devil has him now  we wonder if he comes back will it l be him or perhaps double or a clone.

Much like Marshal Mathers and the others who many say were killed and replaced with clones. the clones look slightly different and age badly and very quickly.

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the eyes are different darker blacker.

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seems to have aged 20 years in a short space of time.

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Ex voodo priest Earthquake Kelly tells you what happens to celebs who sell their souls. as he recounts what choice he was given. 10 year contract with the devil you will die within the week or month when your contract time is up.

Recently Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris she was tied up and put in the bath. There were lots of different strange events that happened.  The ex bodyguard said it was an inside Job.  Was this some kind of initiation for Kim  to traumatize her and to send her to the next level in the industry Bodyguard said it was totally an inside Job.

Kim Kardashian robbery: 8 unanswered questions as police continue to hunt armed attackers

All we know is the Kayne west has been kidnapped just off stage when he protested they said he was acting aggressively they tied him up drugged put him in a bed and wheeled him out to a mental hospital to be reprogrammed or killed.  Perhaps this is a warning to all celebrities within Helly-wood  they no longer will suffer descent from their mind control Media sex slaves.  Tow the line or end up like Kayne west.

this was the last straw for the illuminate

Kanye West -- No Change Without Conflict ... That's Why I Back Trump's Campaign

Kanye West — No Change Without Conflict … That’s Why I Back Trump’s Campaign

FAKE Hollywood is now reporting that the whole episode of  Kayne supporting trump was the result of a mental breakdown at the anniversary of his mums death.  We cant have someone not fanning the flames of revolution at a critical time before The Presidential Inauguration.






The Kardashian Witches Curse (that made them famous)

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Satanic Baby Baptism in Jerusalem EXPOSED