The President-elect has previously dismissed climate change as an expensive hoax, and had threatened to scrap the Paris accord.

Donald Trump appears to have softened his tone on whether climate change is really happening. We know it is but the real reason is it man made or something else.

And as he begins to set out what his presidency will be like, he has distanced himself from his own supporters . Mr Trump has also named the first woman he wants to appoint.

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley says she is accepting an offer to be the US ambassador to the United Nations.

Nikki Haley could be Mr Trump's first female appointment
If confirmed, Nikki Haley will be Mr Trump’s first female appointment

Mr Trump said in a statement that Ms Haley is “a proven deal maker and we look forward to making plenty of deals.”  She said she will stay in her current role until her appointment is confirmed by the US senate.Climate Change Scare Machine Cycle

The possible change of heart over climate change was revealed during an interview with editors and reporters at the New York Times.

He said he would “keep an open mind” about the Paris accord on limiting carbon emissions, which he had previously said he would re-negotiate or even scrap.

In 2014 he tweeted that “Global warming is an expensive hoax!”, and he said it was created by the Chinese to make US manufacturing less competitive.  The reason he said this as because the Chinese do not take Global warming seriously they do not hamper their business with destructive carbon targets through taxation and regulation. The west does and it is becoming de-industrialized.

Donald Trump continues cabinet talks

But now he says: “I think there is some connectivity. Some, something. It depends on how much.”

It comes in the wake of another change of heart, the news that he will not be pressing for Hillary Clinton to be prosecuted over her use of a private email account.

Mr Trump used his talks at the New York Times to attack alt-right groups which have supported his campaign.

Pictures have emerged of white nationalists giving Nazi salutes as they celebrated his election victory.  This is a fringe group no one but the discredited media takes seriously admitting in a country of 300 million people it has around 2-300 members.

“I condemn them. I disavow, and I condemn,” he is reported to have said, adding that he did not want to energies groups linked to white nationalist, anti-Semitic and racist ideologies.

At the same time Obama and Hillary are saying nothing about their supporters who are destroying towns and shooting policemen all over the United States.

Trump has 2 months before he takes office and we dont really know what he is going to do until that happens but at least we know he respects the US constitution and does not want war with Russia. Unlike Hillary and Obama . Obama who swans the world doing nothing but wasting TAX PAYERS MONEY  and Hillary if elected would have been the end of the world as she had nothing to offer but destruction and death.

Lets see what happens and lets remember we have had a reprieve.  Its up to the Christians of America to wake up and follow his lead. Because Mr Trump knows its all a fraud but he may not know about the real cover-up which is very very scary and terrifying.


Now the real reason for extreme Climate change and the strange uturns by President elect Trump who himself wasn’t just vocal but very passionate about. There are bigger and more terrifying things going on than even a Hillary Clinton presidency if that is possible(it is) Just imagine you were Donald Trump and were being let in on who really runs the world secretly the space programs and planet x the destroyer.  It is mind boggling what would you do.

Planet X approach is ‘causing devastating climate and seismic activity’1

THE mysterious Planet X is approaching and will cause widespread destruction across Earth,orbit

A new video uploaded to YouTube by Skywatch Media News says that Planet X is bound for Earth after completing half of its 3,600-year elliptical orbit.

It says that the magnetic force of Planet X is so strong that it can effect anything within 48.6 astronomical units (AU) of it – one AU is the distance between Earth and the Sun.

With the planet having completed the first half of its elliptical orbit, it is heading back towards Earth and its strong magnetic pull is causing problems already.

The video claims that the magnetic pull is tugging on the poles of Earth, causing it to wobble.This explains why Earth has undergone climate change in recent years as the Earth is moving slightly off its axis.

The North pole is being dragged slightly southwards, meaning that the polar ice caps are facing more towards the sun, causing them to melt.


There has been a spate of seismic activity recently

The video states that: “We are now in the initial stage of the pole shift.”This in turn has led to extreme climate change: “Weather is becoming more extreme as Planet X’s strong magnetic pull effects that of Earth.”

Additionally, the shifting of the poles has caused an increase in seismic and volcanic activity.

The narrator of the video points to the spate of tremors around the globe in the last couple of months, with deadly quakes striking Ecuador and Japan.Additionally, he said that the “tremors are happening near to the surface”, which is making them more dangerous, and he claims that some volcanoes are approaching an unprecedented 40 eruptions a day.  Donald Trump now knows the Truth lets hope he is able to let us all know the truth. That he now knows the real reason why US infrastructure has been neglected for 30 years.