Trump succeeding as president would be equivalent to: forcing Progressive vampires to walk through Death Valley at high noon

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If Trump, as president, revived the economy by bringing jobs back to America—if he achieved that one goal—out of their coffins, out of the darkness, forced into blinding light, progressive Leftist vampires would fill the air from coast to coast with hideous screams and death rattles.

No free everything? Actual jobs? Work? What? And he, the Trump, made that happen? Trump, the enemy of enemies? Aieeeeeeeeeee!

To make things even worse, suppose, just suppose, Trump brought back manufacturing work for…black people? And for immigrants who were living legally in America?

Surely, that would be a sign of the end of the world.

Progressive vampires, at that point—those that managed to survive—would storm the offices of giant media networks and accuse them of failing to cover up the skyrocketing jobs figures. They would suck the blood and marrow from the bodies of television anchors and reporters. Traitors all!

Little quasi-vampires living in Mommy’s cellar would, in a state of extreme paranoia, barricade themselves against what they imagined were armies of approaching head hunters from agencies offering them steady work.

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Never! Where is the socialist state I was promised!

Suburban Democrat Witches would hold special ceremonies devised to recreate a beloved national blanket of Unemployment. full story