In the last 8 years we have seen the rise of black racism and violence in America like  never before , This in turn has been sparked by the race baiter’s. Many of them are the fake Christians we know who they are.

Screaming crying  that Black People in America are victims that they deserve privileged and that the world owes them a living because of something that happen so long ago no one alive can remember because they are all dead.

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Well Black lives do matter and so do all lives this video isnt about Black lives but all live;s , interestingly we have a white Christian in a black church telling of his experiences in hell.

No one in the audience is saying to this man only Black lives matter  and get out of our church cracker head because  they understand and love Jesus Christ .

This love transforms a man and women no mater what race color or creed and all that matters is love.

We have watch the wickedness in American Black neighborhoods violence happening to white people but mostly other black people this video is the anti-thesis it shows that deep inside Black neighborhoods there is a deep yearning for love. That in these sinning neighborhoods  lives Gods people  as a shinning light.

The real racists are the liberal elite. They teach withing Man there are different races. Well there are difference’s and we look different I admit outwardly but  we are all the same organs inside bodily and in our minds and spirit.

There is only one race it is the HUMAN RACE Everything else other difference  are variations of the same kind.

The people in this church are Gods people lets hope the healing of Black neighborhoods in America can start as people reaffirm and get back in touch with the spiritual side of life in grace and faith with Strengthen through Jesus Christ our Lord.

This is the testimony of atheist in a black church about how he went to hell and was allowed to come back by Jesus Christ to preach his word in death we are all the same before God. In life make a difference to all your fellow men.

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A Land Unknown: Hell’s Dominion A true Near Death Experience FULL LENGTH

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African American Pastors for Trump calling all Blacks to come out of Democratic control