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Donald Trump is a master at labeling his enemies Labelled His enemies and the labels stuck. The labels then became the death of those people politically and I imagine people like Crooked Hillary Lying ted cruise Little Marko will have those names for the rest of their political carriers as the internet wont go away anytime soon.   CNN became labelled not by Trump but by his supportersImage result for cnn communist news network

The Clinton News Network.  From this they didnt recover and have been discredited so much the name resonating with every report they put out.  Well Hillary for now is gone.  But CNN and the mainstream media is still there. although in their death throws so we need a new Name for these despicable s and deplorable s.   Our new name for the mainstream media will take its initials from the main contender but together they shall from now on in this Blog as Image result for cnn communist news network

CNN -communist news network.

Yes in a herculean effort to look as ridiculous as Bagdad bob who was telling the people in Iraq that the Americans were not coming as the American Army tanks were behind him.

Baghdad Bob Award For Biggest Political Liar

Here are a few videos to show how wicked and disgusting the news was against THE DONALD Being compared to arrogant presidents from third world countries which is totally stupid in that it missed the point that how can trump be racist if he is like African Presidents.

in one example of hundreds that did not work

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah – Donald Trump: America’s African President

It got really bad these shows are not comedy but political Propagada

The Daily Show – Donald Trump’s Fascist Week as if Obama wasnt fascist and Hillary wasnt a complete criminal.

MSM React To Hillary Losing Election