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Donald Trump is not only smarter than his opponents but he is smarter than all his supporters. People are worried because the last gasp of propaganda we ares seeing the mass Media say he is betraying his promises etc. Its all lies.

Firstly even before he gets elected Trump effect No1 is that TPP is dead. Trans Pacific Partnership which would have been the final nail in America’s coffin.

TPP  is dead and the patient America the once great has been resurrected like Lazarus.

The enemy having seen this is amazed and terrified.

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Around the world America has become a Pariah people hate the united States.

Obama is also looked on as a warmonger and a dangerous fool.  The world Loves America it loves its ideals and freedoms but it hates the abuse of power which accelerated under George bush from 9-11 on-wards to the present Administration.

Unlike these presidents Trump is liked and people are looking intently on him with high expectations.Image result for gay marriage trump

here is Donald Trump’s Contract with the American Voter

If Trump does just a few of the things on his 100 day plan it will be staggering for the American Economy.  For civil liberties for education the claws of THE LEFT will be released and the real work will begin.

Once this is done and complete.  what comes next Trump plans to de-fund planned parenthood and will try and reverse Roe Verses wade(Trump says when he says try he means it will get done).

This seems an impossible task and the devils from the bowels of hell will come out against him. This battle will be mind boggling in its scope because it like everything else Trump does will have consequences all over the Globe. The enemy will go be revealed once again for hypocritical evil it has always been and its influence will die the death like Hillary’s campaign of a thousand cuts.

Like everything America does it leads  off shoring of jobs  if it ends in America there will be pressure in European countries to stop it there countries will look at America and Trump for leadership and see wealth flooding into America and Jobs people in those countries are not stupid and want the same.

If Trump reverses Roe verses wade then this will be repeated world wide Abortion will end in many many countries.

How will he doe this I am not to sure but I imagine he may use the supreme court.

If it is God which has flung Trump to power then we must have faith Trump is Achieving the work of God.

On Gay marriage.

Trump has said that gay marriage is settled through the supreme court decision.

This is very clever he has neutralized this criticism from the gaystapo for now but remember that he has said he will appoint in his 4 years possibly 5 high court judges. When this happens for the next 10-20 years it will be pro-life and anti-gay.

So say goodbye to gay marriage and abortion on demand. He has said he will defund planned parenthood  as a start much to the fear of the left.

But the crown jewel will be that Trump will release the power of the church he has said he will get rid of the 501k debacle which has ruined the church in America for decades.

Trump: “501C3 status of churches infringes on their freedom of speech”

At the March 29th rally in Janesville, Wisconsin Donald Trump outlined several ideas, one of which was do away with 501C3 status of churches which he says contributed to the pulpit being silenced in the political world which is an infringement upon free speech.

In the Trump Prophecy which  has come true to such an extent it is staggering the prophecy gave me  the first hope I have had in a long time.

I admit that looking at the mountain of bad news daily had become quite depressing and draining and not just for me for everyone except a few professional outlets.

Trump Gave us a new sense of Hope because we were on the Brink of completely loosing everything and the introduction by of the NWO satanic system.Hillary becoming president was the guarantee of this.

WW3 invasion occupation and slavery have been avoided for now.


The poacher became the gamekeeper.

Trump says executive orders are something he will try not to use at all if possible he has a respect for the laws of the land. What he wants to do is free the churches.  People will once free throw out people like Joel Osteen as the shills and apostates they are. the fake conservative churches will have a revolution. This is America and the worlds last chance God is giving it to us.

If the church does not step up then prosperity after Trump will rescind because Gods power is whats giving us this chance.. The NWO scum will be back the blood of the innocents shed once again.

innocent blood will call down destruction as it empowers demonic activity.

We have seen in the last 4 years how demon-ism demonic possession occultism has had the upper had to the point where the church of Satan had more rights in the US than Christians.

To kill all evil we must start at the root. When abortion was legalized it started an avalanche of  filth  not just in America but the western world.

Abortion and Gay marriage the two things God hates  are within a Trump Presidency dead.  Make no mistake. This is why I believe Mike Pence was made Vice president.

Mike Pence who many are suspicious off who voted for TPP is anti-gay marriage to his core it seems.

here is an article from about his Trump Pence stance on Gay marriage from a pro-gay viewpoint

Donald Trump: Opposes Nationwide Marriage Equality

Donald Trump has been a consistent opponent of marriage equality. He has embraced the nation’s most odious anti-LGBTQ law, North Carolina’s HB2, and put on the ticket Mike Pence, who has become the face of anti-LGBTQ discrimination after signing a bill to allow businesses to discriminate and deny service to LGBTQ people because of who they are or whom they love. Trump has also said he would sign the so-called First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) which would enable Kim Davis-style discrimination across the country.

The extremist left were right to go crazy scream and gnash at the bit  at trumps election he is the harbinger of doom to all their failed socialist anti-christian anti-freedom philosophies and policies.


Trump exposes government controlled churches.

Mark Taylor of the Trump Prophecy – The Best is Yet to Come