If you thought millions of people disappearing into gulags in Russia for 60 years what about 100 million dead in Chinese gulags . Well the country which has torture vans and murders people for organ harvesting now has an agent as head of Interpol.

If falling under the control of the mass-murdering National Socialist (Nazi) regime of Adolf Hitler was not bad enough, the self-styled global “police” agency Interpol has now officially selected as its new leader a top “security” official from the brutal communist dictatorship enslaving China. Outraged critics expressed concerns that the appointment would help the Chinese regime better hunt down and terrorize dissidents worldwide.

According to an official press release, delegates of governments and dictatorships at Interpol’s 85th General Assembly selected Communist Chinese agent Meng Hongwei (shown) as the agency’s newest president. Prior to taking his new post at Interpol this week, Meng served as “Vice Minister of Public Security” for Communist China.

As a “veteran policeman” for the regime responsible for murdering more innocent people than any other in human history, the Communist Chinese autocracy’s brutal enforcer said he stood ready to do “everything he could” for the cause of world policing. “We currently face some of the most serious global public security challenges since World War Two,” Meng was quoted as saying in a statement.

picture Chinese torture van torturing people disgusting.

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He also praised the self-declared planetary law-enforcement agency. “INTERPOL, guided by the best set of principles and mechanisms to date, has made a significant contribution to promoting international police cooperation,” he added. “INTERPOL should continue to adhere to these principles and strategies, while further innovating our work mechanisms, in order to adapt to the changing security situation we see today.”Image result for torture vans in china

Meng has a history of unquestioning loyalty to the butchers in the Chinese Communist Party, famous for torture, mass murder, harvesting organs from political and religious prisoners, failed central planning, forced abortions, total censorship, and other barbarism. “Politics first, party first, and ideology first is a fundamental principle for peacekeeping forces,” Meng was quoted as saying at a training program for Communist Chinese UN “peacekeeping forces” in 2014. “We should consistently implement the three ‘first’ principles in our work … to build a strong team with a solid political stance.”Image result for torture vans in china

Critics, though, are sounding the alarm about the decision at Interpol. Meng’s appointment “is extraordinarily worrying given China’s longstanding practice of trying to use Interpol to arrest dissidents and refugees abroad,” Nicholas Bequelin, regional director for East Asia, Amnesty International, wrote on Twitter.

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In addition to the Communist Chinese agent, the Kremlin’s Major General Alexander Prokopchuk was selected to serve as vice-president of the global outfit. “In our changing world which faces new global threats, I am fully aware how important it is for Interpol to continue to stay several steps ahead of [the criminals], and I intend to do everything to help Interpol to live up to its full potential,” Prokopchuk was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti.

More good news for the brutal regime in Beijing also emerged from the General Assembly, which brought together more than 800 police chiefs and senior law enforcement officials from 164 governments and dictatorships. The governments and dictators agreed that next year, Interpol’s 86th Congress would be hosted in Beijing. No doubt the regime is pleased.

Interpol’s 190 member regimes also agreed that, under the guise of fighting the terror war, there should be more “systematic collection and recording of biometric information” for the globalist agency. The governments and tyrants called for strengthening Interpol’s “information processing mechanisms,” too. Finally, they called for expanding Interpol programs dealing with “border security.”

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