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The Noose is tightening on the Justice department. connected to the Clinton Foundation.

11/02/16 EXPLOSIVE REPORT FBI Documents From 2001 Probe Into a Bill Clinton Pardon
The Federal Bureau of Investigation on Tuesday released files related to a years-old probe involving former President Bill Clinton, further stirring Democrats’ anger over the agency’s disclosure of newly discovered emails possibly related to Hillary Clinton.
The heavily redacted case files released were part of a 2001 probe into Mr. Clinton’s pardon of billionaire fugitive Marc Rich. FBI officials said the release wasn’t intentionally done during the last days of the election campaign.

The FBI posted the documents to “The Vault,” its website for publishing responses to requests under the Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA. The bureau receives thousands of such requests a year but posts online only those that have at least three different requesters.
FBI Releases Documents From 2001 Probe Into a Bill Clinton Pardon
FBI releases documents on probe of Marc Rich pardon
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