Hilary says unborn babys can be aborted even days before its about to be born

Hilary says under US law a child who is not yet born even the day before its birthday has no rights. then she mentioned roe verses wade. in this context its clear what she meant.

she was not challenged on this by the practicing witches on the view.  what she meant was in direct reference to the question that she thinks children can be aborted up until the last day before birth.  Now if this was not the case  why when asked this question bring up Roe vs wade.

Hilary wants to Bring in Abortion on demand and now we know she wants to let women abort their children even up until the day before Birth. this woman is a disgusting degenerate has hatred for humanity and the witches onthe view who are complicit did not have the courage to come back and ask do you think children who are almost born should be allowed to be aborted.

LARRY NICHOLS — HILLARY CLINTON: West Coast Satan Coven \ Church

Child-Sacrifice among European Witches

By M. A. Murray.

In studying the cult of the witches, plain and irrefragable proof is found that the personage called by Christian writers “the Devil,” was considered by the witches themselves to be God incarnate as a man. To this deity they made sacrifices of various kinds, the most important of such sacrifices being that of a child. The child was either a witch’s child, or was unbaptised; in other words, it did not belong to the Christian Church. This was an important point, and was the reason why unbaptised children were thought to be in more danger from witches than the baptised. “If there be anie children unbaptised, or not garded with the signe of the crosse, or orizons; then the witches may or doo catch them from their mothers sides in the night, or out of their cradles, or otherwise kill them with their ceremonies.”[1] The same author quotes the following as among the crimes laid to the charge of witches: “They sacrifice their own children to the devil before baptism, holding them up in the air to him, and thrust a needle into their brains”; and “they burn their children when they have sacrified them.”[2] Boguet says: “Les Matrones & sage femmes ont accoustomé d’offrir à Satan les petits enfans qu’elles reçoiuent, & puis les faire mourir auant qu’ils soient baptisez, par le moye d’vne grosse espingle qu’elles leur enfoncent dans le cerueau.”[3] Boguet’s words imply that this was done at every birth at which a witch officiated; but it is very certain that this could not have been the case. The sacrifice was probably made for some special purpose, for which a new-born child was the appropriate victim. source read more

One group of the New Age converts view the earth as being a living being. The ancient Greeks worshipped a goddess known to them as Gaia, the earth goddess. This name for the earth-goddess has re-emerged in New Age pantheism. Down through the ages, this heretical belief is found in many cultures and many lands… The American Indians, Babylonians, and Sumerians worshipped “Mother-earth”).

The Gaia hypothesis has been one of the main doctrines of witchcraft for centuries. Included in the teachings of the witches and those of the Gaia heresy are the teachings that there is no sin, no judgment, and that after death mankind goes to some place to contemplate his evil deeds and render his own judgment on his life. They also teach that each individual determines what is right or wrong for selves. This is a moral relativism, a clear attempt to rid man of guilt of sin. In these last days, witchcraft, and the Gaia hypothesis, share many beliefs… One will lead to the other belief. They both are inspired by the devil, one beleif they both share is human sacrifice.

Child Sacrifice

The second week before this hideous day that is called -Halloween, a male goat with as large a set of horns as possible to find is offered. The severed head is set up as a symbol of the head of Satan.

One week before Halloween, they murder a tiny infant or very young child. Often this child is a child of a female cult member (no record of it). If none of that sort is available, they kidnap, adopt from the black market, take a child from an illegal alien who cannot report it, or seize a runaway child.Image result for hillary evil eyes slits

After the sacrifice, the cult members drink the blood and eat part of the heart of the victim.

On Halloween night, another child with an adult female (preferably, the mother) is slaughtered.


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