1. Benghazi and how Clinton was emailing Stevens travel plans by email. This implies that Clinton might have been an accomplice to murder.  Also, the denial of additional protection requested by Stevens needs to be hammered.

  2. Committing the treasonous act of selling uranium to the Russians. His source would be the Clinton mouthpiece, the New York Times.

  3. Keep hammering the emails and pick out the most damaging. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!

  4. How her no-fly zone will produce a nuclear war.

  5. Clinton public/private positions on the free trade agreements.

  6. Clinton’s tax plan which will increase taxes $1.3 trillion. Divide the number of 100 million full-time workers in America to illustrate how much Clinton is going to cost American workers, per worker.

  7.  The Clinton Foundation and its relationship to Comey who let Conton skate on the email fiasco. The Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of HSBC money laundering funds from terrorists and drug cartels while Comey was on the board. The Clinton Foundation illegally using foreign money to run for President. The latter is a felony.