Does mars look like a planet after a huge nuclear war.

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Nuclear weapons often make the global news here on Earth thanks to North Korea. Our humble planet is not the only place to have nuclear activity according to a scientist from the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Dr. John E. Brandenburg claims Mars has had two nuclear explosions in the past. 

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EVIDENCE OF TWO LARGE NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS ON MARS Brandenburg presented his claims at the AIAA Space conference in September 2016. He said about the areas of the nuclear explosions, “The sites are located north of Cydonia and Galaxias Chaos.” There is the possibility that archeological artifacts could be found at those sites if we create the capability to do so. Who Did It? If the scientist is correct about his findings, it opens the question of who could possibly have set off the nuclear weapons and when did they do it. Not to mention how did they do it! The work of Brandenburg was first analyzed by the US Department of Defense, it was them who gave him permission to present his findings at the AIAA conference in California. Here is a photo of proof of his full presentations, with the one being discussed here last on his agenda.

Where Are The Craters? In the event of nuclear explosions, you would expect a crater, but this isn’t the case. As happened in Hiroshima, the bombs can be designed to go off in the air to maximize damage, this means no crater is left behind. Brandenburg says that was the case on Mars as well. Instead, the huge shock waves are massive enough to cause catastrophic change to the red planet and drastically change its climate. Was it an attempt to successfully kill all life on the Mars?Image result for aliens on mars

The work has been closely studied by the Pentagon if the U.S. Were involved why they would be happy to let the findings be reported? No word appears to be known of the government’s stance with regards to these findings. If they think it did happen, but they weren’t involved, surely it would be important to find out who did it. Image result for aliens on mars

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There are only a very select few nations that could be responsible anyway! What do you reckon? Did the explosions never happen in the first place, #or did they happen but this is yet another mystery we will never solve? He claimed the blasts were hard enough to cause a huge catastrophe and change the climate on Mars drastically. Because there are no craters found, they need to have taken place in the atmosphere, according to Brandenburg.Image result for nukes on mars

Cropped from the original picture from the Mars Rover raw image feed from JPL

Dr. John Brandenburg is a senior propulsion scientist at Orbital Technologies Corp., and author of the 2013 book, Life and Death on Mars: The New Mars Synthesis. He has assembled compelling evidence that about 180 million years ago, Mars was the site of a nuclear explosion—one which wiped out much of what existed on the surface, leaving the red-colored, desert planet we find today. While many scientists, including geological expert and astronaut Harrison Schmitt, agree that such an event could have occurred, most think it would have been a natural event. Brandenburg, though, thinks the evidence defies natural explanation. Dr. David Beaty, NASA’s Mars Program Science Advisor, told Fox News he finds Brandenburg’s evidence “intriguing and fascinating” but he wants a Mars probe to investigate the possible site.

The evidence for a nuclear event appears to radiate from a hot spot over the northern Mare Acidalium region, an area that includes Cydonia. “The spectrum of krypton and xenon isotopes found in the Mars atmosphere, particularly xenon 129 and krypton 80,” Brandenburg told Atlantis Rising in a recent interview, “are both produced by nuclear explosions, the xenon 129 directly from fission of uranium 238, and thorium by high energy fusion neutrons, and the krypton 80 by intense neutron bombardment of the soil.” Mars meteorites found on Earth come from subsurface rock and, relative to Earth rocks, are depleted in uranium, thorium and potassium, all radioactive elements. However, gamma rays from the Martian surface, as measured by both Russian and American spacecraft, show much higher levels of radiation from two particular hot spots. This adds up to the signature of two possible nuclear events. The data has been confirmed and in May of 2013, was published in Science Magazine.

Mars, at that time, believes Brandenburg—before being attacked—was in something like Earth’s Bronze Age. He has no idea who the attacker may have been. That is one of the reasons he believes we need to travel to Mars and see if any records may have been left.

For years, the possibility of ancient nuclear explosions on Earth has been a subject of much speculation. Evidence of intense heat and high radiation from over 5,000 years ago has been found in the Mohenjo Daro region of Pakistan. Unexplained deposits of of glass in the Egyptian Sahara have inspired similar conjecture. In India, the ancient Sanskrit epic poem, the Mahabharata included accounts that sound very much like descriptions of ancient nuclear warfare. Such possibilities were taken very seriously by Robert Oppenheimer, father of the modern atomic bomb.

Strangely, the evidence for nuclear destruction on Mars seems to, at least partially, corroborate accounts coming from many once derided sources. According to the late Zecharia Sitchin, ancient Sumerian records tell of the destruction of a planet known as Tiamat by a rogue planet viagra called Niburu. A 1988 book by Donald W. Patten called Catastrophism and the Old Testament theorized that a planet called Astra collided with Mars after breaking into pieces, much as the comet Shoemaker-Levy did before hitting Jupiter in 1994. Many esoteric traditions, such as Theosophy, have long held that the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is the aftermath of a collision between a planet known as Maldek and Mars. Whether this might have led to some kind of nuclear event on Mars is unclear, but many intuitive sources have long held that Maldek was destroyed by the nuclear weaponry of a civilization gone mad. Such assertions are easily found on the viagra home delivery Internet.

Usually, known by the name ‘Phaeton,’ this hypothetical world was also known as the ‘fifth planet.’ The search for the fifth planet was originally proposed by German astronomer Johann Elert Bode after the discovery of Ceres, largest of the asteroids in 1801. The notion that the asteroid belt resulted from a planetary collision is known as the ‘Disruption Theory,’ though it has been summarily rejected by mainstream science. New evidence, however, is forcing mainstream science to reconsider many ideas once dismissed as fringe. source

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