Will Hillary be replaced with Bernie Sanders

With Hilary’s heath question now viral and it is obvious to everyone in America and the world she is a very SICK SICK woman both in body and mind, with fainting fits 4 minutes of coughing weird facial expressions she can hardly stand up for very long etc. Who would vote for her on this basis alone never mind people in America outside the Liberal establishment can not stand the woman.

Hillary Clinton collapses while being carried into a van in New York City on Sept. 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton collapses while being carried into a van in New York City on Sept. 11, 2016

PALM BEACH, Florida – In the wake of Hillary Clinton’s physical collapse on Sept. 11 – which her campaign blames on pneumonia – some journalists are reporting secret, high-level meetings are taking place among Democrats to consider a possible replacement for Mrs. Clinton at the top of the presidential ticket, should the need arise.

Among the reporters making the claim is David Shuster, an Emmy-award winning journalist based in New York City who formerly worked for MSNBC.Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Tim Kaine

The main candidates to replace Mrs Clinton would be her running mate Tim Kaine, her ex-rival Bernie Sanders, and the current Vice President Joe Biden.

who will it be

After Sunday’s episode where Clinton apparently fainted in the arms of Secret Service agents after she was spirited away from a 9/11 ceremony, Shuster posted numerous tweets about the machinations of the Democrats.

If she is not replaced it will be a Trump presidency for sure as the liberals who are panicking and pulling their hair out  weeping and gnashing their teeth all over the media are saying.Image result for communist bernie

So the question is if the Democrats want to win the election who will replace Hilary.

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Well the Obvious choice is the old left wing communist white guy.

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no not Vladimir Lennin but Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders is an out and out if not in name but in everything else socialist verging who loves all Marxist type Ideas. Its popular among many liberals but goes against the grain in general for Americans and what the country has always stood for.

No Socialist has ever won the election except Obama who pretended he wasn’t a socialist even though he was. Will socialist Bernie win against Trump not a chance. Liberals May like him but is he electable as a President , does he look like a statesman or an old retired social worker.

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so never then as the democrats are funded by wall street and at 75 years old, Mr Sanders would be the oldest president ever to take office.

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

If it wasnt Saunders “Would it be [Vice presidential pick Tim] Kaine? Would they automatically elevate Kaine since he’s the VP? … Or would they go out and get crazy Bernie [Sanders]?” asked Limbaugh rhetorically on his Monday broadcast. “If they didn’t choose Kaine it’s because they don’t think he can win. They don’t have much of a bench.”“They have to be talking about it,”

Limbaugh continued. “For all of this calm, my friends, there is panic no doubt going on in every sector of the Democrat Party. I don’t care how you slice it. This is not a winning profile. Victories do not come from these kind of things.”

Limbaugh also said he was amazed by how nonchalant everyone seemed to be in handling the physical collapse of a presidential candidate.

Limbaugh also has doubts about pneumonia being the true cause of Hillary’s health problems.

“If that video had not surfaced that showed her collapsing and being thrown in the van, they would have never announced the pneumonia,” he added. “The deception continues.”

He noted if such medical episodes were happening to Republican nominee Donald Trump, there would have been forceful calls to drop out of the race for the White House.

Hilary can no longer hide the fact she is very ill its out there and Trump will focus on that.  Lets hope she stays on but if the Democrats want to beat Trump she is the worst choice.

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