Why is Islam not recognized as a religion in Catholic Italy. The Current Pope who is pro-Islam needs to get behind his own church instead of attacking it and promoting a religion Christians have been fighting against for 1400 years.

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Italy has a long history of war with Islam, the Italians for over 1000 years have been attacked beaten and enslaved by muslim invaders and the scars run very deep in Italian psychs.  

This is why


Religions that are recognized by the Italian state enjoy tax perks and other benefits, including greater freedom in how and where they worship. Those not recognized by the state are considered illegitimate cults such as Islam…..Italy does not recognize Islam…and now stopping the building of mosques. also repatriating many back to Africa…

Politicians in the Lombardy region have passed a provisional law that would make it almost impossible for new mosques to be built in Milan and that would heavily monitor existing Islamic houses of worship, not to mention stopping Muslims from lifting their butts to Allah in the middle of the street

But the fact that it made it past the first political hurdle does call into question why Islam, the second largest religion in Italy after Catholicism, is not officially recognized by the Italian state even though religions with much smaller followers in Italy, like Judaism and the Mormon’s Church of Latter Day Saints are. (Gee, maybe it’s because Jews and Mormons aren’t trying to destroy the country?)…..

Can you believe…Leftists in the USA …are expressing outrage over Italy’s actions..

Sponsors of the bill say it will instead calm fears shared by Italians and ensure that Italy’s second-largest religion—which only two percent of the population practices compared to 97 percent who practice Catholicism—doesn’t grow.

“The presence of Muslims in Lombardy is not indispensable,” said Northern League politician Roberto Anelli. “I say to anyone who doesn’t like this law: go home.”

Muslims in Rome were outraged last month when several  Muslim Palestinians attempted to deface the historic synagogue in that City…….Apparently,  fought the Carabineri who were arresting them….Unlike US, UK and Paris cops….These three Muslims ended up in the emergency room of the nearby hospital …This is all radical Islam  understands….Brute force…Koran tells the Muslim to retreat from superior strength…apparently, they weren’t fast enough….they are good at killing Kurd, Christian and Jewish civilians…Cowardice is in their DNA..history proves this  original source

1400 years Islamic expansion, Islamic imperialism and Islamic slave trade

The black hole of historyEveryone knows that Turkey, Egypt, North Africa, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and other Islamic nations (in all there are 57) are almost 100% Muslim. These countries were (originally) Christian, Buddhist or Hindu. How accurate was the change to Islam take place?

If you read the conventional historiography, so it looks as if Islam came and boom! The countries were Islamic. But of course that was always a historical event; it is not that it “just happened that way.” In reality, the entire story of the rise of Islamic imperialism is not even denied in the curriculum of Western historiography but denied simply. We are not informed about how Islam has transformed each nation, in which he is remembered in a purely Islamic country, as was done, due to which ideology and what the consequences are.

Our history negates the truth of the Islamization of civilizations and that Islam is ever involved. It was the Turks who Arabs, the moors . Islam is not the driving force but merely any ethnic groups. Let’s look at the story a little more closely and ask ourselves this: how many unbelievers kafir perished in the Islamic wars of conquest? One can find a number mentioned with respect to the one or the other battle, the response of ETABLISHMENTS but on the question of the number of through jihad is murdered zero, niente, nothing. In reality there is no compilation of through jihad killed infidels. As you can see: Islam just happens.

It is therefore quite clear: Islam was from the beginning a massive threat for Europe (and the world). Islam has long stretches by war, genocide, slavery and forcible spread from Spain to Indonesia from Mali to Uzbekistan.

Source: http://europenews.dk/de/node/455  (comple tions by: The Prophet of Islam)

In this compilation is not about to justify ideological transgressions of popes and kings as well as brutality of the Crusaders and pogroms against Jews etc.. That’s worked hundreds of times and brought to view. Rather is here: the Crusades were a legitimate response to the murderous Islamic aggression against Europe. The reason why we Europeans these wars are fought constantly about the ears is that we should be instilled guilt.