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Obamacare is failing as rates increase and insurance companies bail. The 28 Saudi pages are a psyop. Obama rejects North Korea’s offer, pushes on with war.NATO General warns, next time we might fire on the Russian jets. US places F22s in Romania. NATO and US ships will be in position outside of Libya in 3 months. Obama sends more ground troops to Syria without the Syrian government permission. US using propaganda that North Korea’s satellites could be used as EMP weapons.

ww3 headlines

US deploys F-22 stealth fighter jets to Romanian base on Black Sea

“For the first time in Romania, the next-generation combataircraft F22 Raptor, part of the US …

We Are 3-4 Months Away From A Gigantic Event That Will Spark War

World War 3 Is On The Horizon

All of these things are converging financial collapse the prospect of war with massive ecological disasters dead animals etc and now huge mega disasters worldwide with the latest mega earthquakes coming.


JON AUSTIN for the Express reports, EXPERTS have recorded an average of one magnitude six or above earthquake a DAY this month, leading to increased fears a global catastrophe is on its way. Ecuador has been rocked by a series of earthquakes just days after a huge tremor claimed nearly 600 lives.

This Is The End Days Of The Current Economic System And We Might Not Reach October: Bill Holter