Gender fluid is a gender identity which refers to a gender which varies over time. A gender fluid person may at any time identify as male, female, neutrois, or any other non-binary identity, or some combination of identities.


In An Excellent Video by pocketsofthefuture  has given new incite into something that we were all aware of but in the rush of sound and noise that is going on in the world  we forgot the most basic truth  about the Obama’s and in fact all Modern presidents that they are puppets of the illuminate and their image to every and all extent are completely Manipulated .

Obama more than any other president is a complete  mystery and thus his carefully crafted image both the negative and positive sides are played to maximum effect by his handlers. ONe of the reason she is seen as weak and putin strong is to demoralize the American People to soften them up before the Attack Obama is an Agent of Anti-christ and this is all going swimmingly.

While portraying Putin as a strong leader a savior.

Obama and Michelle Obama have more than any other couple furthered the Satanic conspiracy of the NWO.

This conspiracy is  spiritual in nature to bring the world into darkness using demonic energy in this one case through sexual confusion they are now drafting new  Gender fluidity Laws  to jail any person worldwide who says anything that offends a gender fluid person. This may cause them to kill themselves and it will be your fault.”that’s their argument.really” Christians are Bully’s bullying must be stamped out.

Baphomet the God of satanists world wide is a transgender God .

Those who accept and love transgender-ism will love Satan and his son the anti-christ because in their hearts they have already rejected God by accepting this new satanic Concept.

God the father in heaven is  seen among the young liberals and atheist of the WEST as  an evil bigoted god who allowed slavery in the old testament had people killed does not allow freedom is bigoted like his followers who should be locked up if they offend in anyway the baphomet “trans-gendered” or gender fluid people LGBT community.

We are in the end stages of the End Game and the short lived  triumph of Anti-Christ.

In this video we will see why the Obama’s are portrayed the way they are and what that means and where it is all going (Armageddon)


Do Not be fooled Mr Putin who is also a NWO member His image is also carefully made to show how strong he is to show him as the savior of the west.

Putin is an ex KGB leader and he is still running that show .

The KGB in Russia went on to be the Russian Mafia the Russian Mafia are murderers liars thieves. below the Prime minister of Russia giving Mr Putin the devil sign or Baphomet.


Putin is also in business with the queen of England his 40 billion dollar personal fortune is kept in HMR tax free banks in the Caribbean. They are all in this together.

One hopes Mr Putin is what he says he is instead of a communist KGB murderer. But dont hold your breath.

Gay Barack Exercising Like A Damn Girl seriously embarrassing.

Michelle Obama Works Out like a man.

Putin The Man vs Obama The Queer lift And Michelle Workout

Everything we see on TV and the news is planned for an agenda we all get caught up in the details forgetting  the big picture.


Not the Jesuits-Not the Zionist Jews-not the Jesuits-not the queen of England -not the Vatican not the communist , not Israel with its secret Talmudic and kabbalah forms of saTan worship. These people are the cogs in the devils machine  they are the organ. The Devil is the Grinder arranger or composer all take orders from Him he is feared among his followers.



Notice in this video Jack Black asks the audience to pray to Satan he calls him baton(baphomet) all respond and the whole holly-wood audience Prays to the Devil

Lucifer when he comes to earth will be perhaps a  Man woman and Part animal(beast)  First the transgender issue is thrust upon us and next the mark of the beast.

We will openly  see through trans-humanism and cloning the mixing of human and animal DNA,.

This is already being done in Secret as the time draws near it will no longer become a secret. Cloned human beasts will appear all over the earth and these abominations  will be accepted those who refuse to accept them will be seen as evil. God and Bad turned upside down. If Gender fluid people are protected then so should  all groups no hatred descent or disapproval will be tolerated.

Mind control is everywhere we look its hard  not to be effected by it . When we look in the streets we see women wearing skin tight tights for running leaving nothing to the imagination. At one time this would be unthinkable and not so long ago.

What seems impossible has become the Norm, people who at one time would have laughed and said you were crazy to mention it now say SO WHATS THE  BIG DEAL.

After the gender fluid will come the new gods the Mutated powerful x human. Genitally modified and superior to us but we can be  GODS like them its possible Satan can do that for us to if we want to accept the NWO and be initiated into its ranks.

God is watching us watching,everything that we do now echoes in eternity  its time to pray and fast and remove ourselves and family members if we can from this world.


The world always lost there is is no good in it. We are to be in the world but not to Part of it.

John 17:16  They are not of the world, even as I am not of it.