UK Army chiefs call for fleet of battle tanks to take on Putin

VLADIMIR Putin is preparing to send 150,000 troops to Syria in a bid to wipe out the evil Islamic State once and for all. The Uk and Obama are not happy with this at all.

Vladimir Putin and Islamic State troops

Putin is reportedly ramping up his military mission in Syria

The Russian leader is reportedly mounting an enormous military mission to take control of the terror group’s stronghold ofRaqqa.The city is the self-declared capital of in Syria and is patrolled by as many as 5,000jihadi members.Putin is set to mobilize 150,000 reservists who he conscripted into the military earlier this week. All this makes Putin look the hero and the UK and the west especially America as the fools they are. As America bombs hospitals in Afghanistan killing countless civilians and calling it collateral damage and unfortunate.while calling Putin a murder for doing the same  thing against Isis. how embarrassing for them Putin now has the moral high ground as the US and its Allies  are exposed for the hypocrites they really are.
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The call for New tanks and weapons to fight Russia by UK Army chiefs  comes as tensions between Nato countries and Moscow continued to mount, with Russia threatening “nuclear counter measures” over a plan to bolster nuclear facilities in Germany.David Cameron is currently trying to find a “compromise deal” with Russian president Vladimir Putin over tackling the IS terror group in Syria.But Russian aggression in Eastern Europe,  an increase in Nato air-space incursions by Russian bombers, and the development of a new Russian “super tank” has led senior commanders to admit that the prospects of a conventional ground war In Eastern Europe can no longer be ignored.The British Army has 227 Challenger 2 main battle tanks but, while they are still respected, they are in urgent need of upgrade.Last year the British Army took part in live-fire Nato exercise in Poland with more than 100 armoured vehicles. Operation Black Eagle “highlighted the British Army’s ability to deploy an armoured battlegroup at short notice anywhere in the world in support of the nation’s allies.” More

The British Army has 227 Challenger 2 main battle tanksPA

The British Army has 227 Challenger 2 main battle tanks

However , unlike its Nato allies, Britain not able to deploy a full squadron of 14 tanks plus two in reserve within the regulation 30-days time limit. what does this mean if a sudden war with Russia breaks out .Some, according to serving members of the Kings Royal Hussars armoured regiment, took more than three months to make ready because they had been mothballed,orcannibalised for parts.Speaking recently General Sir Nick Carter, head of the British Army, confirmed that the future of the Challenger 2 was being considered at the highest levels.”We have got issues with the tanks we’ve got and if we don’t do something about it we will have issues – what we will do is in discussion, “ he said.Senior Army sources confirmed last night that the development of the new Russian T-14 main battle tank, unveiled at the Moscow Victory Day Parade in Moscow in May, had “focused minds” on the issue.As Russia threatens war with the uk is the time passed when anything that could be done has been done.the Armata T-14. This is the new Russian tank Russia is planning for war and has been doing so for years


One innovation of this new tank  is its unmanned remotely-controlled turret which will be operated by a crew member in a separate compartment.

t is believed this is a step towards fully robotic tanks in the future.

The tank will use radar equipment and other technologies straight from the Sukhoi T-50 fifth generation fighter jet.

The steel armour has been specially developed to not lose its qualities at extremely low temperatures, perhaps hinting at Russian military ambitions in the Arctic.

And, like its predecessor, it will have a 125 mm gun but as-well-as normal tank rounds it will have the capability of firing laser-guided missiles.

With victory parades planned in 26 cities in Russia on May 9, celebrating 70 years since the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany, the T-14 is expected to be the star attraction.

It is notable that despite an expected contraction of the Russian economy of almost 4 percent, Putin’s rearmament plan has remained a priority when deep cuts are appearing everywhere else apart from pensions and agriculture.

Spending on defense now represents around a third of the nation’s overall budget. while britan and America cuts back on defense while stretching their military resources and weakening especially the American  resolve with gay troops and women combat soldiers and combat fatigued fighters.